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  1. When your favorite Colorado friend dies

    Mods told me you got censored. This is good. Now. Let's hope she can find a new one.
  2. When your favorite Colorado friend dies

  3. When your favorite Colorado friend dies

    Rude and reporting again. I actually forgot the "?" on my repost. Here is the full quote and you can see it above in OP "Sorry to hear about this. Move on to the next one?"
  4. Wanting money for texting

    3 or 4? No, no...just looking for 1.
  5. Wanting money for texting

    Thank you. Good tips here.
  6. Getting started here

    Hi. New here and just getting started.
  7. Big guys need love too

    OP - Sorry to hear about your experience! Me? I didnt always do this, but I usually send a description of myself (nothing graphic) when reaching out to a lady Ive never seen before and hoping to set something up. Why? Because one day I thought "As men, we already have a really good idea of what she'll look like and be like because of her profile. Her? She has zero idea of who will be knocking on her door. I wonder what that's like for her?" Not judging the OP at all. Simply my thought/view.
  8. Things that go bump in the night!

    I have not tried mornings while doing this, but sounds like it could be fun. I prefer afternoons or early evening.
  9. Getting started here

    Thanks! It's been fun!
  10. Getting started here

    Haha. Thanks! Hope to make a proper introduction soon!
  11. Dirty Talk Do You Like It ?

    Love doing it and helps overcome some of my other...uh...shortcomings.
  12. Entertainment

    Jeez. Guy really lays it out there with that post. LOL. Kinda bold. Almost like being rather small and making that your screen name on tob. What?
  13. Getting started here

    I think Ill keep and then increase my bet by saying that I dont last long either. I mean...being large and long lasting is just intrusive and ties up too much time.