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  1. "Blacklist"

    Yes, it was reported and they the user has been banned.
  2. "Blacklist"

    Ladies have you been experiencing this more than usually lately. I have. I thought raising my rates would get rid of the rift raft but that isn't the case. I also had someone use his friends verification account, so I have been a bit freaked out lately and really careful who I will see.
  3. Why are some hobbyists so disrespectful?

    Well said and couldn't agree more. You are very beautiful by the way.
  4. What to do this weekend?

    Going for a hike in the morning. Brunch with the girls on Sunday. And then making some time for my clients of course.
  5. Newbie and black

    I am truly sorry you are getting that kind of response. I hope you were able to find someone. Hang in there. There are some great gals in Colorado.
  6. Big guys need love too

    I am so sorry this happened to you and Chrissy said it best. The provider will not last long. I hope that this has not discouraged you. People can be pretty ugly on both sides. Remain tactful and fun and you will find the right provider that you can have lots of fun with!
  7. Getting started here

    Welcome to the TOB! Love the name. Stick with it!