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  1. mile high club service

    Geeze!! Ya gona go all the way to Cincinnati to get off?
  2. Now I belive in evolution .

    I got a banana for it.
  3. AAAAAAAAA, I get it and I understand it too. "The large mam conquest" Had the typical mind set when I first started out hunting myself. Even went so far as to marry one. Then I learned, the hard lesson, "more than a mouthful is waisted";) But I still love to look. Dennis M.
  4. Walmart - who knew?

    Dang, that sounds like a perfect setting to get into the mile high club to me. IMO Dennis M.
  5. Walmart - who knew?

    AWWWWWWWW cum on now. I don't remember what her card said but it did look ligit and not like a pro escort card but the conversation was a dead give away. Her approach, pretty bold and hungry:eek:, not a good combo to me. But then maybe that type of behavior is common place in europe. Dennis M.
  6. Walmart - who knew?

    I might add that this new female had a very sexy european accent to her voice and was continually glancing at the corner to the bathrooms during all this time as well.
  7. Walmart - who knew?

    What would your thoughts be if and here's the senerio. Very posh resturant, open seating area, not too busy of a day, many people just site seeing, tourists. You had just finished a conversation, openly and freely discusing your past sexual partners to a female who is seated in front of you. She, no sooner, gets up and a disappears around the corner to the restrooms when a female that had been sitting behind you gets up. Steps in front of you, leans in close, wispers "are your date/friend intimate?" then proceeds to ask if you might be intrested in meeting up with herself after your date concludes? A "no brainer" to me. But then I am always thinking about sex, especialy when a woman walks up and asks if I'd like to "meet up". Dennis M.
  8. Walmart - who knew?

    I can see that happening in that type of setting (a bar or night club). However we were in a very posh area, in the morning (broad daylight), the flutrasious lady had gotten up, walked out and drove away in a pretty nice car. In addition the parking lot for the harbor was very open with many yuppies jogging about and fishermen going to and from their boats. Luckily for me, proably not a mugging type of place. ;-) Dennis M.
  9. I'm disappointed. Here I thought that your post was going to be "eye candy" like this: this: or this: rather than that of one persons trivial comments on others mams. Just sayin' Dennis M.
  10. Bbbjcim

    I'm just very curious about your Q. Have you never had this toe curling experience yourself? If not then try relating it to the feeling of (the rythem method) pulling out just before you get your cookie. ;-) I used to do this in my youth, before the pill. It works but pulling out is just such a diappointing experience to the guy and if the lady is about the get her cookie, then maybe her too. Dennis M.
  11. Walmart - who knew?

    It was in a Seaside Resturant. I was having my first face to face with a lady that I met on one of thses Dating (hook-up sites) ;-) When my "date" went use the restroom a nice looking woman, who was sitting behind me, stepped up and introduced herself. She then asked if my friend and I were intimate and when I responded that we wern't she gave me her, susposedly old, "business card" (home cleanning service) she wasnt too unpleasently looking but the way that she disrespected the waiter about the soup and then left without paying told me that she was proably too much high manithence or maybe just someone that I wouldn't want to know anyway. So later on, after my date. I threw her card away. Dennis M.
  12. Male massage for the ladies?

    I was young when I was taught by an older Lady (A Couger by todays standards:p) that, both before you begin or inbetween your ongoing orgasms, massage is wonderful form of forplay. So I practiced and learned well from her. As an Ice Breaker I will always offer it at the beginning of sessions and only suggest that if she enjoys it, that it should not be concidered as time. I have had alot of complements and also quite a few that anticipate my return visits. To me, it can't hurt to ask because it is just treating a Lady like a Lady and showing her much respect as well. Of course YMMV, depending upon your ability. Dennis M.
  13. Swingers Clubs

    I am glad now that I threw that out there. When I noticed the man and the woman on the web site, listed as the owners, I wondered just how "young" the members actualy would be. But that is the only club that I am aware of in the vergas area. Any others have any input for this guy and this post? Dennis M.
  14. Swingers Clubs

    A.) In the Vegas their is one calld the Red Rooster ( ) B.) review their site for special dates of the month. C.) These are "real people" that are "real couples" and would proably not take it kindly if they were find out that you have brought a professional into their relm. My suggestion is to go as yourself, a single male. They all are going to have many questions of you and if you are with someone other than your wife, then eye brows and suspecions will proably be raised. Leading to a disappointing time for you.