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  1. Room Keys in Vegas

    Bally's and Paris are in a great spot and are pretty nice and inexpensive, too. I expect you can easily stay under $100 at them and many other casinos not requiring cards. I go to Vegas a lot, and I am 100% certain that Bally's, Paris, The Rio, The Quad, and most if not all of the other Caesar's owned casinos DO NOT REQUIRE cards for elevators. Visit the Total Rewards .com website for room rates at those hotels, if you want to be certain not to need a room key. Enjoy Vegas!
  2. Room Keys in Vegas

    I go to Vegas a lot and I can tell you with absolute certainty that the following casinos DO NOT REQUIRE room keys to go up to the rooms: Bally's Paris The Quad Rio As far as I know, none of the Caesar's Entertainment casinos require keys for elevator access, but I am certain the 4 above do not!
  3. Thanks to all who replied!
  4. Great stuff guys. Thanks. I will certainly lookup the name that was mentioned. I did see a bunch of great options with consistantly high reviews. If anyone can vouch for any blonde brunette or redhead Providers that are lean and awesome, please do.
  5. Thanks. Are Backpage ads generally legit?
  6. Hi all. As is probably obvious I am new to this forum and trying to get opinions on the best providers. I am mostly interested in finding thin hot blondes in their 20's. That's not unique I know. I'd like to hear the sites that people like and mostly trust for providers. Does anyone have any experience with or thoughts about http://www.escortsincollege.com Has anyone met with Providers on it? Is it a total scam? Is it for real? Are the only Providers you contact reviewed on here?
  7. Thanks, cobalt22. It sucks that's that is the case, because "Holly" looks just like what I am after. I'm sure there are probably lots of real hot blondes in Vegas can fill her place. If anyone has suggestions I'd love to get them!
  8. Hi all. I am going to Vegas for the first time from Dallas. I have good money to spend, and am looking for an absolutely awesome YOUNG BLONDE BABE for an erotic evening. I've never been to Vegas and never paid for sex before, but I am in good shape and have been with some top quality women. This is a fantasy deal for me. I've always wanted to experience a high end sex temptress. I've also never dated a blonde for some reason as I've always been after brunettes and redheads. So this trip is all about quality sex, no matter the cost, but I want to select and see the girl I'm getting so that there will not be any bad surprises. I've browsed around and chosen Holy or Holly as my fantasy night girl. http://www.vegasescortgroup.com/las-vegas-escorts/blonde-escorts/holy/ Does anyone have any info on her? Reviews? I contacted the agency and let them know what I was looking for and told them I needed to hear it from them that the pictures are really her. The guy on the phone told me it is absolutely her in the pictures. I want a young slender blonde babe for a night or nights. Nothing too crazy, but definitely interested in doggie, cowgirl, bj, eaty, and some making out. I'm hoping you guys can give me your opinions in terms of if I can trust this. If there are certain trusted agencies. You know, all that type of stuff. Thanks!