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  1. New provider on the board

    Welcome sweetie you will do well! If you have any questions at anytime feel free to PM me! Wishing you the best in all your endeavors!
  2. Missionary Positions

    I am in tears !!!!!! You are to funny to boot!
  3. C-string bikinis?

    looks like its definitely going to take some "getting used to" lol
  4. COS Ripoff Warning

    ditto! It still sucks that girls and guys are out here playing games!! Geesh
  5. Fort Collins prostitution sting catches 10

    Wow!!! I just want to say I hope you all are being VERY safe and seeing providers who have been verified!!!
  6. Who talks like this?!?!

    What a idiot smh
  7. New to the area!

    Welcome sweetheart!!!!
  8. New _to_ TOB, Advice if any

    WELCOME!!!! Glad to have you sweetheart
  9. Hello Again, naturally...

    HELLO! Hope to see ya around the board!!!
  10. The "No Black Men" ASP

    I'm sorry to hear this has happened to you, hopefully it will get better with time since you are a new hobbyist. After sometime, being seen by more providers, posting on the board, writting reviews, etc. will make your name "ok" to providers. Also maybe trying p411 then everytime you see a lady and you guys have a great time she can give you a "ok" to let other providers know that you are the gentleman you say you are. I'm obviously not a hobbyist so sorry for butting in, just hope it helps a bit! Good Luck!!!
  11. Hot or Not?

    Hmmmm it was a nice watch..... Usually no food only stick to toppings! Lol But for food to be involved it was kind of Hott
  12. Gift a Bag of Dicks

    May i place my order for a 100 pound edible penis??? Lol This was cute though, really cool idea I like it! Lol