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  1. What happened to the BDSM sites?

    You can add mounting d rings to the bottom of your massage table.. I did it to mine and they are out of the way for normal table use but easy to ad straps or ropes to for BDSM play. You can buy them on Amazon also.
  2. What happened to the BDSM sites?

    Hello Ms T. There are many sides to what you are looking into. This has been part of my relationships most of my life. So it depends on what you are looking to offer. if you are looking for toys and such, https://www.extremerestraints.com/, has a lot of basic items for you. If it more the psych side of play there is a lot of information out there if you search but it is not a set way and is different for everyone. Take some of it with a grain of salt as there are some very interesting opinions out there. If you wanted to know more you can DM me.
  3. AMP teviews

    Be careful with rubmaps.ch. They have become mostly fake reviews being made by the amps themselves. Most of the amps have become older and provide poor / rushed basic services with a lot of upsell and shorted times.
  4. Best Strip club in Denver

    The above are correct. Both are open. They serve alcohol so topless only on the main floors but private dances can be full nude. $40 for private. Diamond is a larger club and has more ladies.
  5. Best place for sex toys

    Heathyandactive.com. I buy a lot form them from light to more adventurous bdsm. They have good prices and ship pretty quick. They also have sales almost every week.
  6. What is "new 69 style"

    Why can women count to 70? Because 69 is a bit of a mouthful.
  7. Vaccines are sexy!

    I have had both doses (2nd dose was on the 28th of Jan). I had no side effects. First dose the only thing was the shot area felt like a very mild tetanus shot for a day. One of my sisters had a fever after the 2nd shot. It is different for everyone and always will be. Many people have underlying health issues or weaknesses that are not even aware of. I know many of front line workers who have had the vaccine with the same stories, some mild affects and many none at all. I know these were pushed out fast but if we don't do something and get this under control many more are going to die and it is already mutating into something worse. I have already lost and almost lost, people close to me and others. This is going to go on for years. Not to mention what else it going to do to society and the economy. Just my thoughts.
  8. RIP OFF/Scammer Posing as Me

    Actually with some phone vendors you can request a number if it is available. You can also think of it as vanity plate for a car. If it is available they may give it to you but you will pay extra. The other way is if you want to have a word or name that is spelled out with a phone number you can request that.
  9. This is pretty sick either way

    Stuff like this is going on on a lot of the match sites also. The story of the sick kids and need money to get medicine for them. Plus the many others. Usually you just have to read the messages and can almost hear the out of country dialects even in the writings. Sad but just another business.
  10. Slowww!

    The Gentleman's clubs have been extremely slow for a while. I hang out with a lot of the managers as they are friends. I think the economy is not as good as most think. The ladies are struggling there and they are getting a lot more of an influx. People just are not seeing the worth there any longer from what I am being told. On my side of things I have not been having the greatest experiences even with many of the seasoned providers over the last few months. I seem to get a lot of no shows. I still have one that has been constantly reliable for me. Just seems to be rough across the board. I wish all the best for the ladies though and hope things get better.