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  1. Typical Newbie Cluelessness...

    recommend seeing established providers and unless you are as well endowed as me, any remembrance of your session will soon be history for the provider
  2. ...

    never knew that. the genital scraping sounds like a BDSM service. do they give you a safe word or just a warm towel at the end?
  3. I love the orgasmic larger than normal clitoris, don't you?

    forgot to mention plan B - find a lady who doesn't mind a magnifying glass taped to her lady parts for your session. may cost you extra though.
  4. I love the orgasmic larger than normal clitoris, don't you?

    Hi Mr Amahuman, recalling you raising the clit size question every year or two. If you haven't yet found a lady attached to the desired size (or vice versa), maybe it is time to reevaluate your expectations.
  5. Ladies, how do you prepare yourself before a session?

    perhaps P411 should institute a 'Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval' for the truly paranoid. Otherwise Pitbull's observation on stamp collecting may better suit the OP's concerns hobby-wise.
  6. Compliments?

    all this concern for sincerity/believability/honesty is laughable. have you ever considered that a lady offers up compliments to convince herself that spending the next 60 minutes with our sorry azz's just might be remotely bearable? to profess intent/knowledge of another human being's mindset is usually wrong if not arrogant. The whole provider/client transaction is a fantasy. Enjoy it.
  7. Compliments?

    for me a session with a temporary g/f is to suspend reality for the hour. I can be charming for the hour before reverting to my crusty self, but during that hour compliments are welcomed and returned. Don't see this as fakery, but rather as good theatre.
  8. 411 on massage lady

    'no AA men'? maybe mandatory, complimentary cocktails are part of the $ package.
  9. 411 on Summer

    met her 5 years ago. pretty MILF and fun company. only downside was when she produced a metallic vibrating glove that looked like a medieval gauntlet and was about as unpleasant as it was scary looking.
  10. How to discuss services beforehand

    in my experience, compatibility is acquired thru respect, hygiene and a generous envelope. meet those thresholds and most ladies will be whomever you want them to be for the hour.
  11. Happy Birthday To Me

    happy birthday lady. 27 is a great age to be, if my foggy memory recalls
  12. ...

    a self examination a day keeps the doctor away
  13. Dia Duit Uaisle - Hello Gentlemen!

    welcome to Colorado Emma. All this Gaelic dirty talk has made my Guinness stouter than usual.
  14. wheels of "justice" grind on

    that must have been one awkward interview when two people say, "oh, it's you" and one walks away with a get out of jail card and the other ponders his next career move.
  15. Ladies...ever been "stiffed"!?

    when lobbying, never broach the 11th commandment of providers: 'Don't make me ask". And double check your envelope contents beforehand and have fun