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  1. What happened to the BDSM sites?

    So if a guy is looking for a particular type of experience, which may involve some impact play and being dominated by a woman in a particular way, and is looking for a provider who is skilled in this, but not in mind-reading, what acronym should he look for? (Asking for a friend.) This is the paradox of BDSM, often discussed in BDSM circles. A sub is looking to get into a particular headspace, and every sub is different in terms of what puts them there. But a common element is lack of control, so they don't want to be directing the Dom during the scene, they want the Dom to just do it, while in their mind at that moment they may even be dreading the thing that they need for the Dom to do or say. It takes communication outside of the scene to make that happen, and that is definitely not "topping from the bottom".
  2. What happened to the BDSM sites?

    This approach from providers ("shut up and do what you're told...we know what you want") has led to the worst bdsm experiences I have had. I'm not saying this because I expect you to change the way you run your business, it's just that I have met Ms T in the past, and am thinking of seeing her for bdsm, but if she adopts your approach then I'll pass.
  3. What happened to the BDSM sites?

    If you're looking for info on what other providers do in the femdom space, I would suggest Nicholas Tanek's YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/@yourkinkyfriends). Mostly he does interviews, which are livestreamed, so you'll find the archive in the Live tab. I know he has a huge amount of content, so this one might be a good place to start: https://www.youtube.com/live/jPXTySukA4c?feature=share
  4. Pic from the old days

    I'm a bit of a history buff, one book I read recently about the Civil War talked about a provider named Cara who lived in Richmond, the Confederate capital. Many of Cara's clients were bigwigs in the government or army, but Cara was a Union sympathizer and passed on information she learned to Union spies. Anyway, Cara kept a diary, in which she referred to hobbyists with nicknames. ("Big belly" was apparently a cabinet member, for example.) Here are some of her diary entries: "General Limpy, the food fop--he must do the undressing. Shoes too." "Big brass, big belly. Since my rule, he brings only Yankee money. Wonder where he gets it. Wonder what old sourface would say if he knew one of his plate-lickers had so much Yankee money." "The Maryland Governor? Do it bending over, bark sometimes." "Four big generals last night came together. Red beard really has red hair all over. They brought two more barrels of wine and twenty blankets. Must sell some of the blankets. Have too many." "Christ! The praying general was brought in today by Preacher H. He is rough and brutal. After I serviced him, he dropped to his knees and asked God to forgive me for my sins!"
  5. Pic from the old days

    Why did they call her.. oh.
  6. crackdown on massage establishments

    For what it's worth, there's far less human trafficking (or any non-consensual activity) going on at these establishments than grandstanding politicians would have you believe. Read anything Elizabeth Nolan Brown has written on this subject, for example https://reason.com/2020/02/02/massage-parlor-panic/.
  7. Tell me about money

    Shh, I want someone to call him up and say how his budget envelopes have one marked "Carnal Pleasures" and ask how much he should put in that each month. You never know, Ramsey is a fan of cash transactions. Years ago I heard a caller who was a woman with questions about her business, and when Ramsey asked specifics about what she did, it was clear that her business was boudoir photography.
  8. Tell me about money

    In your budget, you set up a Carnal Pleasures category. Call up Dave Ramsey and ask him how.
  9. Femdom

    Many will do it. Fewer will do it well.
  10. Starting this Friday, everyone over 16 is eligible.
  11. Vaccines are sexy!

    As I mentioned in another thread, I got my first jab, will get the second soon. The only side effect I had was a sore arm for a day, but I have heard there are more from the second. This is understandable, since these effects are mostly your immune system ramping up to build antibodies. Current projections are that everyone will be eligible by April or May. Producing these in less than a year has been a modern miracle.
  12. It's been slow...

    I got my first vaccine dose, waiting on the second.
  13. HMS Dolphin

    Not sure what you use the scrap wire for on a date, but I'm not going to judge your kink!
  14. To clock watch or not to clock watch?

    I understand the need to keep to the scheduled time. Can I make a suggestion? Create a music playlist about the same length as a session, and start it when the session starts. Then you can remember that when song X starts, we're about halfway done, or whatever. So the timekeeping is less visible. Also, this post reminded me of this:
  15. Am I looking for a massage girl, a domme, or a sugar baby?

    I enjoy an experience much like you describe, but it seems like you're looking for a lady to come to you, while I find the massage works better if it's at her place, if she has a massage table. Easier on the old neck! Now if she also has a flogger and a certain personality, that's an awesome session.