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  1. Very intrigued by this. Thoughts?

    Haha yes there is this route as well. We have been talking about it and I sort of want to make sure I'm okay with another guy around...
  2. Very intrigued by this. Thoughts?

    Yeah I can see how this would be uncomfortable and even dangerous potentially for a provider to just do with total strangers. I guess I'll need to think about this more.
  3. Very intrigued by this. Thoughts?

    This is a good point. And good points made by others above regarding the overall reliability of that site. I agree the site makes me nervous. I guess the MFM is what caught my eye the most. Hmmm. I understand you can't make specific recommendations in the forums but could you maybe point me in the right direction or PM me? Thanks.
  4. Long time user/lurker, first time poster. I wasn't sure if this should go here or in 411 so please move if I chose wrong. Anyway I saw this ad on Listcrawler and I'm super intrigued. Anyone tried this? Anyone down to try this? Thanks in advance. https://escortalligator.com.listcrawler.eu/post/escorts/usa/colorado/denver/67812690