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  1. What's the oddest place you've done it???

    on an ATV in February in about 2 ft of snow
  2. Spicy or sweet?

    Spicey with just a hint of attitude!
  3. It is so dry......

    It is so dry out there that my skin is itching due to it. Would it be wrong to dip myself in body lotion and ask for a FBSM from a fine woman on here? LOL
  4. So what's a "spinner"?

    Depends on how big you are and how strong you are I guess. I do not think there is an exact definition because everyone has a different opinion.
  5. Hangover Cures??

    Honestly, straight oxygen. Go to a gas station or REI or any other sporting goods store and but a can of it. We would take hits of O2 from the gas masks in our first responder packs in our homes back in the day. It clears things up nicely.
  6. Christmas specials

    Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops are Providers of Outdoor gear. I hear they give great specials this time of year. Check them out!