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  1. Where to start?

    Perfect! I love it! Betty and Wilma it is! LMAO
  2. Where to start?

    Or how about Rocky and Bullwinkle! Lol
  3. Where to start?

    I like Thelma and Louise! What about Butch and Sundance? Lol
  4. Holidays and Traditions

    I will second that! The weekend after Thanksgiving and it is a magical time of year!
  5. Where to start?

    Oops, my bad! Sorry!
  6. Where to start?

    Definitely from the neck down! You have to stop and spend plenty of time with the boys (the breasts) too!
  7. Just checking in...

    I don't believe it either! We need a picture!
  8. Perception

    Hey, you never know! Some millionaires like to dress in worn out blue jeans!
  9. I love my three cats and our Golden Retriever Molly! They always make you feel welcome and loved!
  10. Hello! How are you doing?
  11. Just checking in...

    My two favorites in KC are Q39, which is rated #1 for BBQ in KC by TripAdvisor, and Jack Stack, which is also excellent! If you go to Jack Stack, make sure to get at least one Crown Beef Prime Rib! They are out of this world! Have fun!