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  1. Price of adds

    Beautifully written. Your compassion and empathy are appreciated
  2. Price of adds

    Thank u Bad Boy, I appreciate it. I rarely visit the forums because of situations like this and I really wish it wasn't so. I hope the Admin/ Mods would chime in, maybe bring some clarity.
  3. Price of adds

    As I read thru this thread I can't help but to feel confused as to why some of the responses to Chloe's post are so defensive, hostile, condescending? If I understand her correctly, she is saying that she wasn't aware of the change in rate, it surprised her and concerned her mainly because it's not as consistent for her ( I've heard this from several ladies as well) because it's stressful sending money out not knowing if it will be fruitful, and expressed how it would be reassuring to know that increase also came with a few more features for ladies to make the most out of our time on TOB. She didn't come off as TOB bashing , suffering from the lack of understanding of what risks Admin and Mods take, nor an ignorance of Fosta/ Sesta or marketing. And I'm also certain she was not implying that the $25 is a ridiculous amount. And to not have heard from Admin or Mods, other than being told its going up...I mean I don't know anyone to get an increase on bill, and especially if I'm financially strained, and not want to be brought up to speed on what's up. To inquire what's changed, what will change or at least to know it's going towards making sure the admins/mods are receiving the compensation they deserve for all they do. I'm sure she is not the only one who would appreciate more open communication on the subject. When I read the title I clicked on because I was looking forward to finding out what it meant for us and TOB moving forward, and what admin had to say. I'm gonna do what I have to, to do what I need to, I just came to express my shock and disappointment as I read some of these replies. Some y'all act like she her post was titled 'Tob can *$"; my *#$# and here's why.' Tsk tsk.
  4. How was your year?

    This year has been a rollercoaster but in a good way. I've made some really good friends and learned plenty of good lessons that will hopefully carry me into the New Year. To be Honest this first year I've been genuinely excited for the upcoming year. See ya soon 2020
  5. After reading 'Interactions w/ Providers in Public' thread, I am now curious to know how would you guys handle the situation from the other end of the spectrum? You find yourself alone at the hotel bar or cigar shop etc and you look up from your phone to do the usual scan of the room, you notice a sultry little beauty at the bar alone. The beautiful stranger you noticed from across the room sees you looking at her, she smiles a bit but doesn't look away. Instead she raises her glass takes a sip and licks her lips a little before breaking eye contact with you. You smiled back haven't been caught a little bit off guard by her friendliness. Is giving off some provider vibes, or just a tipsy flirt. She is dressed sexy but not over the top. Nice fitting jeans and blouse that shows just enough cleavage to keep u glancing her way and it doesn't seem like she is waiting for friends since she isn't even scrolling on her phone. Your hobby senses are certainly tingling, but there is no way to be sure. Then, you see her walking towards your table... What Happens Next? * do you engage in conversation hoping you're right about her and that the night ends with you two doing the horizontal Mambo? * do you engage in conversation long enough to find out if you were right but have no intentions of playing? * Or do you prefer to keep your playtime activities to by appointment only?
  6. Enable Visitor Log

    Lol thank you for the Swift reply 😊
  7. Enable Visitor Log

    I can't enable last visitor option on my profile. And also it seems that all my profile followers have disappeared?
  8. What's happening ?

    I hope it's resolved soon and I also hope the foolishness going on here in Texas doesn't effect you guys
  9. Home Away from Home

    I had a wonderful visit! I missed being here so much and want to thank all the lovely gentleman who made this trip worth it. I know a lot of ladies come thru here so I appreciate to you guys for making me feel at home each time I'm here. What places have you all visited that ended up becoming like a home away from home for you?
  10. TOB Appreciation Post

    I would just like to thank TOB for it's existence. Out of all the boards in the land TOB is my favorite. I've been back in Dallas since March and being here makes me appreciate TOB even more. If u love TOB leave a Hip Hop Hooray in the comments lol
  11. TOB Appreciation Post

    Yessssss!! Say it like u mean it geecue2!!!
  12. Lately I have seeing more talk of wanting to see a change in how our hobby is dealt with, which naturally makes me wonder how that would affect the day to day reality of things. What do you think would happen? Would it helpful or harmful? Would it change the way the gentlemen go about things?
  13. It's Never Too Late

    What was the one toy or Christmas gift that you never received as child, that would make your Christmas if you finally received it this year? Mine would be the Girl Talk board game. With all the negativity going around, I'm wishing you all a very happy holiday!!! 😘😘😘😘
  14. Eccie?

    I meant on my phone. He's been texting. I block him every time he texts. Im not concerned about it personally, but I'm glad that he can no longer spew his negativity on here
  15. Eccie?

    Shep has been harrassing/ threatening me ever since he got the boot from here. I keep blocking him but he just gets a new fake one. Smh I'm glad he is gone. Thank u Moderators for all u guys hard work.
  16. UTF vs. BBBJ

    Ooh lala thank u Boink 😘 ( that is a French kiss btw)
  17. UTF vs. BBBJ

    I don't know what utf means
  18. In praise of older women

    Thanks for this, I've been on her Instagram page for the last 10 mins lol
  19. Eccie? I think I found the problem
  20. Hungry Santa

    Does santa like popcorn? If not he's gonna take this plate of halos and love it lol
  21. Christmas wishes

  22. Eccie?

    I sincerely hope u feel better after giving me all this unsolicited advice. Oh, and thank u for your contributions
  23. Eccie?

    Yes, thank u Mods. These trolls don't deserve free reign on the board, I didn't mean any disrespect to the mods u guys do a great job and keep TOB a wonderful board. I let the trolls win today. Dangnabbit
  24. Eccie?

    I don't understand why people like Shep are allowed to continue to disrupt the harmony of this board. I wish trolls got shut down with the same efficiency as ad violations do lol. Maybe one day
  25. Eccie?