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  1. "I have no stomash"?

    Maybe they're just looking for SUM YUNG GAI!
  2. NO Black males and.......females??

    Completely agree, and if you still aren't convinced, see my No Show / Terrible review of her: Don't even waste your time with MJ...she'll waste yours by playing pathetic, lame games. Oh yeah, with her "husband" did I mention?
  3. Erotic Monkey

    Yes I've seen the same things..but again Erotic Monkey is legit. TOSluts is clearly fake/spam. EM sometimes lists some blatantly obvious errors on the details list (for example a girl is listed as Asian when she's clearly Caucasian or vise versa), but the reviews are legitimate. As always..someone can post a fake review anywhere, so you have to use your judgement and cross check reviews from other sites if you can.
  4. Erotic Monkey

    It's a legitimate site. I've signed up to read the detailed reviews on there and it is free as they claim. It's very similar to The Erotic Review in its fact many of the reviews I've noticed are exact facsimiles of reviews from TER which is nice because TER is a pay site and Erotic Monkey is not.
  5. 411 NuruByRayne?

    Via reverse image search I found good Eccie reviews for her! Eccie reviews: Her prior email: She looks SUPER hot!! Too bad she only provides Nuru and apparently no FS but since she's such a hottie I may just see her--I love a good Nuru sometimes
  6. 411 on Racheal

    I'm very interested in her too!! Anyone seen her yet? Still no reviews.. She does have a new number of 720-767-7380 And her website I found: with a brief review..I wonder how legit it is though.
  7. Music Preference

    I LOVE some RAP during a session lol...even though I'm a white guy it just turns me on for some reason...maybe I associate it with girls shaking their booties at strip clubs...gets me in the mood
  8. 411 on older Blonde in CO Springs, used to post on BP?

    YES, that's her!!! Glad her p411 profile is still up too! Thanks for the intel bro
  9. 411 on older Blonde in CO Springs, used to post on BP?

    Lmao One man's trash is another man's treasure right? I figured she's out for now but hoping to see her again sometime...I think she's been posting in COS for a long time. If anyone has intel on her or even a name/number so I can search that would be sweet!
  10. Hey, I'm wondering if anyone knows where this lady went who would always post on the CO Springs section of Backpage...I'd love to see her but she's not posting anymore! I think she had posted for several months or more prior though.. Description: Age: Late 30s to early 40s Hair: Blonde / dirty blonde, dyed? Eyes: Brown Build: Slender A note that might help: She would usually post a picture with her upside down--doing a handstand with legs spread... That pic would always get me so turned on! lol