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  1. The posibility for Colorado Companion I'm looking for a local (or traveling to CO...) provider willing to entertain a mmf bi threesome with 2 early 40s bi males. This would be recorded much like a porn, a lil role play-action, just for personal use so NO SHARING (masks or otherwise could be an option) but if you're against being on camera, understandable. If this interests you, message me and we can go over details and compensation and go from there if you're still on board. Delete if not allowed
  2. Pegging providers?

    Colorado Companion How would one go about finding a provider for specific dominance? Don't want my balls stomped or nippers ripped, bdsm is very broad. Can't really just jump to that in the convo starter, but also don't want to go through a ton of providers. Help?
  3. References help

    Thanks all for the very helpful info!
  4. References help

    I'm having troubles setting up with a lot of providers for a lack of references. Being that a lot of you are professionals as well, how do you get references without risking your career/family life/ etc? Dont exactly need a provider calling my bestfriend to legitimize who I am. Nor do i have any other friends/acquaintances who know I "enjoy the company" of a fellow professional. Not exactly keen on the idea of blasting my drivers license to someone either, if this is even an option. How does one go about this? Is there a secret reference society? 🤣