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  1. http://www.tobreviews.com/index.cfm?show_all_reviews=yes&asp=5636 I Think this is the Autumn in the ad but not sure.
  2. Places to Eat Downtown Denver???

    +1 for My brothers bar! I have lived here along time and that place hasn't changed. Its hard to find but a great place.
  3. Is it a red flag if asked to bring condoms?

    I have only had a hand full of experiences as I am still very green in the hobby world but for me I would think red flag. Hell I have watched dateline a time or two and Chris Hansen always ask the perv to bring something!
  4. Aren't pictures amazing?

    Confidence goes along way in my book. Women are beautiful in all shapes and sizes. When a woman has confidence in how she looks it shows! Nothing in my mind is more attractive then a woman who feels beautiful! Trust me ladies it shows. Pictures are a mild representation of what one looks like. I hate my picture! I have had maybe 5 pictures of me taken since I was 12 years old. I love pictures and I love to take them. Just not of myself. I commend all of the ladies who put them out there because all of us scum are just going to judge like we look like models.
  5. OH GOD! I just cant un-see what I Just clicked on.
  6. Paymen - Before or After

    Well I am still very green in the hobby so as far as I can tell the up front part of the transaction means I am ready to play and willing to ride the ship. I know I should probably be a little more concerned but really if you have made it to the face to face meet then you have jumped through the hoops and the chance of getting jumped is slim. I found where you should really worry is when little or no screening happens. Run man run. You will be paying more then just for the service!
  7. Sinclaire Roxx.... Roxxy Sinclaire

    If I was in the industry I would want my name to be Miles Long!
  8. light up the room beautiful

    As a newcomer to this site most of you are more then honest. It mostly about reading between the lines! Hell as far as I can tell, being as fresh as I am, that's what a lot of this whole hobby is about. I kinda like the cloak and dagger aspect of the hobby. Just how smart are you and just how fast can you pick up on the little notes that let you know where you stand.
  9. New to the hobby and new to the boards

    Thanks all. Apparently I have a lot to learn. I must have got lucky on my one and only first go.
  10. Hi all. I have been reading the boards and reviews for a few months now. Finally decided to get my feet wet and jump right in the pool. Hope to have a bunch of great times on the new endeavor. I can not thank you enough for the info and direction this board has givin this newbie.