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  1. date, or no date?

    I called her back at 1:45.and then it got weird. Thanks for the input now I don't feel as much like an ass
  2. date, or no date?

    Yeah I tried, but the whole thing put me off.
  3. date, or no date?

    Sorry I did not clarify the question. Was there a date set
  4. House sitting, outcalls

    Let owner know you will have company. Cost of house sitting
  5. date, or no date?

    juan doh 2 hours agoDetails I was wondering your availability for today, and general location H 2 hours agoDetails Please email me recent refs (no backpage ladies or visiting ladies) you're phone number, age and race. Thank you H 2 hours agoDetails DTC juan doh 2 hours agoDetails I sent you a pre scree n on p411 let me I'd it's not enough H When are you looking to get together and for how long? J juan doh 1 hr very open any time H to me 2 hours agoDetails I'm not ready yet need shower ect. so 3pm will that work? may be earlier but 3 by latest juandoh Sounds great H call me when you're on your way let's just stick with 3pm where abouts are u coming from? I am SE Denver few min from DTC Juan doh Lakewood.I will give you a call around 2:15 H ok. u speak good English correct? just want make sure lol my BF of 8 years is Hispanic but I still only know a little Spanish lol J juan doh to H 1 hour agoDetails Odd question, but yes I speak English H to me 1 hour agoDetails lol I always ask if I know race just make sure get you to me clearly. I have some clients who barely speak English makes it difficult lol. H to me 1 hour agoDetails we still good for 3? let me know just want make sure H to me 1 hour agoDetails guess not as u haven't replied back. if somethings changed for 3pm let me know ASAP it's 118pm now I need know by 130pm thank you J juan doh to H 29 minutes agoDetails Sorry I did not respond to you soon enough. I just thought. We had set the time of 3, and I would call you at 2:15. You just tossed me a curve ball when your last two messages were asking for a reply right now after we established a time. Sorry for the confusion. H to me 25 minutes agoDetails your missing my point lol. we did have a time then I asked if u speak English and u replied back that's odd yes I do then I replied to that never heard back from you so I thought that put u off. I've never had a client not reply back to me when we have an appt scheduled. that's all no big deal moving on lol have a beautiful day
  6. I guess I am shy on my reviews. I don't review every girl I see. I don't feel the need to. But here are my top reason to review or not. Review 1. She is new. Community too gun shy unless she has one 2. There has been a significant change in service. Rampant drug or alcohol abuse. 3. Girl has not had a review in some time and it might help her out. 4.she asks Not review 1. Current reviews accurate I won't be adding to community knowledge 2. I feel bad for her. This is the wierd one because I don't want to damage an aspect reputation. Maybe it was just YMMV for me. Or if she looks like she has had enough bad luck and my review will only make it worse 3.I got to busy and by the time I remembered to post it's like 4 weeks later and my negative post will be seen as fake. Or pass tob review guidelines 4.lazy 5. Don't think the girl is going to make it anyways Would like to see some thoughts on the subject
  7. All about the that Race

    Not sure how the post turned into "how raciest are you" Not what i was going for. Lets say of all of the ASP you have ever seen have you noticed a trend. For me of the 100 or so I have seen I can easily say 90% of them have been white.
  8. All about the that Race

    I was just curious what was the most popular race. I noticed that particular races advertise more on some boards then others. and I am an all around a poll whore.
  9. Deep Throat

    I am also taking suggestion of any ASP in town that can provide this service.
  10. Poll your preferred ASP locator

    I thought this would be great information for the ladies as to where to concentrate their advertising efforts.
  11. Sounds like a great free GFE situation for the guy. Free.
  12. Poll your preferred ASP locator

    Wanted to see what is most popular
  13. Poll your preferred ASP locator

    Let there be a poll. suggestions always welcome. What is your preferred ad board to find your ASP. always looking for a why if you have the time. My personal is p411 almost always guaranteed a good time. However I have found many a gems from back page that were just to new to find on p411 or ad boards.
  14. Boulder Talent?!?

    Very little. I think I only know of 4 reliable providers. Only which two are worth the time. Most of the time I just wait for the traveling girls to come to town or if all fails drive out of town.
  15. what happned to Danielle Rae ?

    Website is down number is not working. Just curious