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  1. looking for a provider for a bbbj

    Very few providers advertise bbbj specifically. I don't want to accidently someone who doesn't meet my needs. Also I did read previous posts...many are outdated and the women mentioned aren't active any more. So I'm looking for recommendations for a current provider for this.
  2. Coming to Vegas soon and trying to find a provider for a great bbbj who also deep throats. No one posts stuff like that in ads...but I know what I want lol. Anyone have suggestions for someone safe?
  3. I'm guessing I'm going about this the wrong way...I'd just like to find someone who does bbbj and is safe that someone can recommend. Websites don't seem to list what services they do...and this is what I'm after.
  4. Bbbjcim

    Coming to Vegas in a couple weeks and would love a bbbj or 2 at a reasonable price. Since this is a few months old I was hoping for current suggests for a good and safe provider.
  5. Coming to Vegas the 24th...looking for a nice bbbj at a reasonable price while I'm there. Was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. Looking not important...just clean safe and not unaffordable. And her doing a good job is always important...I especially love if they deep throat. So if you have someone you can pass my way please do. Jlsexyfun@gmail.com