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  1. What Happened to Adora??

    I was just curious if anybody knows what happened to Adora. she was always a fun girl to see. Just pm me. Thanks
  2. 411 on Jessica in COS (BP)

    Hey give me a pm. I will give you details about appt I had with her.
  3. FC Friendly

    Great question. I am curious of this as well. If any ladies offer this please pm me. Thanks
  4. 411 on Daina in Pueblo

    I would not go see any of these ladies if I were you. I saw one of them the other day and it was the weirdest and most awful experiences of my life. I am not going to post a review because honestly when I left I felt like a dark cloud was over me. I know it sounds weird but I have never felt as uncomfortable as I did after that appt. Please pm me for details if interested.