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  1. why steal someone else name

    Taylor Made? From Arizona? Saw you back in 98. You were amazing.
  2. Screening......yeah, not my favorite

    Back towards the end of the 90's I was working at a company that went through several acquisitions in a years time. I had noticed a providing would be visting my then home town, Chicago, who I very much wanted to see. I gave her my work number so, she knew I worked for XYZ company. She then told me upon arrival I would need to furnish an insurance card bearing the same name. I explained the company history and my inurance card had a different name, my company ID had a third name and received paychecks from a holding of still a 4th name. She declined the appointment. I found out later she got busted during her stay. I can only guess the officier had all his credentials in order.