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  1. Advice for new gentlemen?

    I actually use google voice for texting and then just use my email for most communication. As long as I am honest and upfront about it, it is usually not a big deal. I think one provider refused to see me because I would not give out my work number. I think the most important thing for success is to read everything you can about a provider. If she has a website, read it all. If she runs ads, read them too. Read reviews. When you reach out, reach out as though you are setting a business meeting. Be professional, and include all needed information. Also, do not ask about certain acts or rules. You can inquire about rates, approximate location of incall, preferred screening method and schedule. Always include a description of yourself... How old, are you clean cut, why you are in the area.
  2. TOB is great - Is there anything like it in another state? is pretty active in some regions (Chicago, Florida) Grain Belt News is useful in MSP. TNA Board is OK in Wash and OR.
  3. recommendations

    Super interested in this topic!
  4. ISO Natural Russian/French Expert/Enthusiast

    Not sure if I am asking in the wrong place, but PM's would be fine too if anyone has suggestions.
  5. Gfe or not

    This is the best thing I have read on the internet today.
  6. 411 Elisa Blue

    I have seen her roommate. My understanding is that they provide similar services. They work where they live in a two bedroom apartment that is reasonably clean. Communication was a bit slow, but clear and concise. Location appeared safe. The pictures are accurate. Service is sexy, without being very sensual.
  7. Hey all I am wondering if anyone could suggest a provider or two that not only does Russian and UTF, but loves to do it. Would like to find someone with nice naturals, who appreciates having them handled. Thanks in advance.
  8. MN Sites

    You need to have one existing provider give you a reference through the site, then your reviews should be able to be added. All of my MN reviews were for women not yet on the board and I added them.
  9. MN Sites

    We should be adding reviews to this site for MSP women! If that does not catch on, MassageRepublic seems to be the next best choice.
  10. Blonde Massage Provider

    I saw a blonde massage FBSM provider in her condo She was around 40 with great natural breasts [snip] She had cats and dogs and her place was a bit of mess. I cannot for the life of me remember her name. Does my description ring a bell with anyone?
  11. Nuru with FS

    was not a fan of her, but Riggo speaks the truth. I would add that there is as little sensuality as possible for such and intimate act.
  12. 411 on Taylor BP?

    I saw her and will most likely not repeat. She is the girl in the pics, she is smoking hot, those tits are fake (but well done.) She is very sterile and cold and does not really warm up much. After everything was over, she warmed up a bit and the shower was actually really nice. She jumped in and that was probably the most intimate it felt. For the price, not worth it. However, if you are somehow fixated on her, do it and find out for yourself.