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  1. Some advice for a 1st timer

    Thanks for the advice. I think this is the route I am going to take, it seems to fit my needs better. This is a one time thing for me so I don't mind dropping the money. I found this place: sherisranch.com - Looks perfect. Does anyone have any experience with these places? I know I said I don't mind the money but, to prepare, for 2 girls at once, does anyone know if I should be expecting, ball park, $1000ish, $2000sh, Or is this a $5000+ night?
  2. Some advice for a 1st timer

    I see, I see. Hmmm. Navigated reviews and knowing what is what sounds like tedious work. I tried researching a few porn star types I had in mind and already have hit a few dead ends. Hate to ask people to do the work for me, but anyone just KNOW of a girl (or two) that would be a safe bet? if not, am I looking in a place that is just ALL FAKEs? I'm looking here: http://lasvegas.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/?layout=gallery Lots of amazing women must most seem too good to be true. Also, someone above mentioned paying $50 to a site. I don't mind the money but another obstacle here is discretion. I absolutely can not leave any kind of paper trail.
  3. Hi. A part of me can't believe I'm posting here.... but... I just got out of a very long relationship and will be passing through Las Vegas in a few weeks. This might be the one opportunity I have for the rest of my life to experience something crazy. I've been reading the forum and have become all paranoid about people scamming me or pimp boyfriends blackmailing money out of me. I am pretty much decided I won't risk it but before that - I wanted to post my concerns here and see if anyone more experienced can tell me what they think. I'm not going to lie, I am looking for the porn star experience. Possibly 2 girls... heck... if I can swing it, maybe 3. I have been with women before and can do fairly well picking up girls, this experience is meant for them to be exceptionally attractive, porn star types that I'll never experience again. I understand this will raise the price and I am prepared for that. Forgetting about the cost for a moment, are my expectations realistic? Does this exist? Can this be done? Where do I even begin? To give you a sense of what I am looking for, I did a quick search and found the girls here: http://www.vegasescorts.xxx/ On the other hand, I can even go for someone like this: http://lasvegas.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/l-k-sexy-babe-27/11461694 Those two are just examples, I understand one is an agency and the other is a little sketchy. Are agencies all that bad though? I just thought Id post this and get sense for where I am at. I am a complete noob to all this. This is a one time thing and I'll only get one shot, I don't want it to go wrong.