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  1. What’s your celebrity look alike ?

    I get Adrian Brody most of the time now that I am older - for the last 15 years really. When I was in college (20 yrs ago) and had longer hair - I got Johnny Depp in his Donjuan Demarco role. I think that one was pushing it. That was my ex gf so who knows. As for you I can definitely see Shakira.
  2. Make up or natural?

    It really depends on the make up as well. I have seen some women on here who put way too much make up on. Which as someone else stated... something is hidden. I prefer natural or "natural looking" makeup. I also don't like the overly long eyelashes if the woman needs extension ok fine, but do they really need to connect to their eyebrows? Not to deep of a red lipstick. I call it kind of professional woman makeup. Not night club makeup.