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  1. kymalexander hey:)

    Hi Kym! When are you coming back to Hawaii?
  2. kymalexander hey:)

    I'm on Oahu. Let me know when you get back
  3. kymalexander hey:)

    Hi Kym, How did you like Hawaii? Ever coming back?
  4. going to vegas

    I always say to stay away because most boneheads don't do the research/recon. You on the other hand you sound like you do. Reality is that most do not and are in for a bad experience because they think with the small head. That's when we get to hear about the Robs or worse. I know there are some good girls out there if you spend the time to find them. Then again, time is money, why not spend a little more for piece of mind. To each his own! Monger on! Stay safe!
  5. Any info on Bianca?

    Almost for sure an agency girl who will show up for 2 or 3 hundred and that's all. Won't be the same girl in the pics too. If it seems TGTBT on BP or CL it most likely is.
  6. I'm back. I did a few reviews back in the day. Trying to make it out there more often these days.
  7. Duos?

    1. The one's I know of that I could afford that are legit are BBW's 2. There are many reviewed duo's that are amazing if you have the $. 3. The rest are scams.
  8. going to vegas

    Stay away from BP and CL. Spend a little more for piece of mind. Go with someone who is reviewed like the two ladies above. Again, stay away from CL and BP unless you can afford LE or a rob. Please don't respond that there are plenty of fine ladies on CL and BP because the majority of them are not. Unless you are going to do an amazing amount of research or have been in the hobby for a while don't go there.