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  1. 411 on Hot petite young doll BP

    interesting thread, but wow abs like superwomen for that matter
  2. Are there any real hookup sites?

    too much work , way easier to pick up the phone
  3. so much freaking text i am not even going to bother to read it
  4. beware he poses as a client

    wow, lots of good stuff in the thread
  5. Probably ripped off for a large amt...

    i can just hear your voice, saying " I should have been a bloody bitch" lol
  6. Thanks everyone.

    God speed, good friend,
  7. So long and farewell!

    farewell, and thanks for all the advice along the for this grasshopper
  8. New surge of Greek offerings

    I have too, its like every man and his dog is offering it now , or should that be women.
  9. New article ...

    It was on the same freaking day that i had a session scheduled with you, and he handed it to me, its like he knew something , like read this shit before you go and see her, I was caught off guard at the time and was like, omg, funny story, but good read,
  10. All about hair

    well i learned something new today
  11. Who is on your fuckit list?

    has to be a writer, she must be good, fitness models, rest are all overrated
  12. Never trust a woman...

    if this is true i am so fucked
  13. Ha ha

    you guys are so mean, maybe he is down on is luck, and yes it sucks
  14. Can anyone recommend a truly Ebony provider?

    first hand experience, the grass is not always greener on the other side
  15. Ha ha

    fantastic, megan, we should make a deal on a trade from something, do i get bonus points for being in college, especially because we pay a shit ton of money for a stupid piece of paper