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  1. 411 on Jessie Denver

    I saw her last week. Pictures accurate, she is legit.
  2. 411 on BriLuvssuuu720

    Thanks mountainrider33! That is exactly what I wanted to know. Seemed to be TGTBT and apparently is. Much appreciated.
  3. 411 on Shelly Sinclair

    Will second the earlier reply, she is young and seems kind of timid/tentative about things. You can tell she has not been doing this for long and that she is inexperienced. In some ways though, that is refreshing! She is definitely the girl in the pictures. She is kind of shy/soft spoken and not an overly outgoing type of person, but great looking/nice body and did carry on a good conversation. I have seen her twice and would go back. Very nice "college girl" or midwest "girl nextdoor" type.
  4. 411 on BriLuvssuuu720

    Bri 720-599-7043 Colorado Companion Any info on Bri at this listing: I am not sure but there is an old listing that I seem to remember she used to use the same or similar name and/or the same phone but different (younger) pictures, maybe she just updated the listing to more current pics. Not sure if it is the same girl but looks like it could be pics of her from several years ago. I have seen her current ad for a while but not a single review yet, seems suspicious that someone would not have seen her and reviewed by now! Any info appreciated - thanks much!