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  1. Five Times In 5 Days??? SERIOUSLY?

    Hehehe I love you.
  2. Five Times In 5 Days??? SERIOUSLY?

    Your whole statement is a joke. Just like when you plan to meet a friend for a concert, now they don't show up, now you're out on time and the money spent on the other ticket. Hello, anyone in your brain before you write half cocked messages in an attempt to be cute or an ass? Either way, it's not a good look.
  3. Searching for a provider

    I believe Shauna Styles is very tall, close to 6ft if not 6ft... GL!
  4. So long and farewell!

    GL! I hope you do well out there! .
  5. Is age really just a number?

    Age is nothing but a number, honestly. Most of my friends are younger than me by 5+years, and all my female friends have had their gallbladder taken out or some other health issue or general issue... I do prefer men older than me but where I say no, is when you are an asshole, barely can move,stinky or immobile all together. Age is not dependent on these things... So in short, lol, no age isn't an issue.
  6. Donation fluctuations?

    I think it's a good idea to state the donation ahead of time on the confirmation call . Otherwise, as far as I know providers change their fees for several reasons, like the ones Rachel mentioned. Along with; rent,utilities,winter,slow days, presents to buy, etc. I say hop on it when you see the discounts, like you guys said, rates may be changing with in the hour
  7. Escorts Murderer finally arrested today

    Just recently I was watching some program on TV, and they mentioned a murder in another state. Spent about ten minutes explaining the guy (attacker) and then when it moved on to the victim, they spent a total of 30 seconds saying "she was a hooker that lived in blah blah blah" the end. I love how that is the ONLY thing she is now... Proof that ideals aren't changing. Just some of us are excepting the uniqueness of this job and some aren't. I can't talk for entire nation, but I can speak from the reports I've seen on tv, based off those if you are a hooker or ever was, your life is simply not valued the same.
  8. Two gals

    I completely agree! At least you know you'll like one of them! And they are likely to have friends that they work well with.
  9. Hello TOB

    Lol. I just did a study in class proving that natives more than likely always return! Welcome back!
  10. New to the site and will be my first visit to denver!

    Depends on the length of your visit, but I suggest visiting Fort Collins, Westminster/Boulder, North Denver and DTC .
  11. When is it ok to just walk away?

    I think it's always okay to walk away, with that being said, any time a service is given, it should be compensated. Being a client to other services such as facials, if they burned my face during I probably wouldn't expect to have to pay for any of it, but if they are just simply not what I expected (which has happened), I don't tip. Though, I still pay for the time I sat there and gladly excepted the facial . Hope that helped!
  12. As With All Good Things....

    That's was so sweet! Good luck on your new business venture! I hope everything is wonderful for you from here on out !!!
  13. Stop being so damn negative!

    Lol so you take like the one out of three post this year! What a pattern! C'mon, I can afford the ten dollars it takes to post! If I needed it... Totally think the naked and hug thing works better than this!
  14. Stop being so damn negative!

    Uh oh, you caught me! I rarely post or advertise as is, I just had to jump on here to do it! I've been outed, shucks.
  15. New provider to This Board- Any Tips on Denver?

    Hey darlin, Yes, you're on the right track , just keep browsing and playing with buttons as we all did, I assume. Also, welcome !!!