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  1. Why do clients

    I have this happen when I have made arrangements and life gets in the way. Once my flight was delayed by some bad weather, can't text or call when in the plane... Then the cheap burner 2G phone won't work in some areas. I have texted to let a provider know I am running late and it does not send until you are close to a cell tower. Of course, I have been stood up, no showed, flaked on by providers so many times over the years, I have come to expect it. I think it's part of the business.
  2. Are the weekends more fun?

    I enjoy weekdays with long lunches. Typically you don't have to wait in line for service. on weekends I hate sitting in the parking for just s few minutes for 1/2 hour.... My lunch date is set up and good to go when I arrive, nice time and very relaxing. Weekends are for working on the street rod, riding dirt bikes, BBQ with the boys in the mancave
  3. Popping in to say hi!

    Welcome Jocelyn, I visit this site when I am working in the Denver area and it is very helpful to me. I have met some great people here. I hope we can meet sometime. Safe Travels!
  4. new local provider... can we be friends??

    Hello Sweetie, Well welcome back. I don't visit this site often. Only when I am visiting friends in the Denver area or skiing. Your photo looks good and I hope you will do well here. Perhaps some of the Hobbyist here will review you. Take care and hope to see you soon.
  5. Brothel Expectations

    So I live about a mile from the brothels and visit them when I have a flow of cash. As stated here, the rates will be much,much higher than the donations posted here. It's legal in the Brothels in Nevada and the girls are required to pay for the "rent" of the room and all the services, laundry,towels, soap, all these are changed after each client. Then add in food and drinks... they don't make that money, the house does. Many of the girls are quite good looking and some... well not as good. If you are in Elko, Nevada there is a house there that has all Asian women. It is a different style of introduction to the girls. They come out one at a time, there is no line up. So when you go to a House in Nevada, this is what you can expect: Security, you will be observed by a camera(s) and then buzzed in for access by the gate or door. Look up or at the camera so they can see your face. The bar: expect to pay about $5.00 a bottle of water and $7.00 for a small ice filled glass with about 2 oz of Coke. Drink are very expensive and the girls drinks are even more. You should not go there to drink. The line up: Girls will come out typically dressed in revealing attire, line up in front of you about three feet away, introduce themselves and you can then make a selection or selections if you want more than one girl. and then you can retreat to their room. ( If you do want to have two or three women, it works best to let the girls make the choices, there are some real conflicts among the ladies.) In the room: You will discuss what you want to do and the rates the girls will agree to. Usually the house is listening to this conversation, so don't be STUPID. After you have agreed on services and rates, you hand her your cash and she exits and gives it to the manager of the house. She will return to the room, she may ask you to shower and will conduct the dick check. She will take a hold of your Johnson and peer into the end to see if you have any problems. If you have an issue, you will be sent away. If you are clean she will place a cover on to begin working. ALL services are covered. There are some ladies that will allow COB for a fee, a large fee. Once, while visiting my friend met this 18 year old blonde who was DDG and he wanted to cum on her face. Sure, that fetish will cost you about $2,000. Once you are done, you can shower again or just leave. You may stop at the bar and have a drink and socialize with the other ladies. Often you can find out more about the ladies at the bar than anything else. Some are quite interesting and have great life stories, they may not be real, but they are interesting. They try the sales techniques to make you want to chose their services. ( It will put you on the receiving end of being hit on, which can be really fun.) I met a pornstar at brothel and we actually became friends outside work too. Some of the houses have strip poles and offer lap dances too. That can be a option too. How many times have you wanted have sex with that stripper who is grinding on you, well, NOW you can. So You Know, do not solicit in the Metro Las Vegas area. You can caught up in a sting. Be wary of who you let in your room too. Good hunting!
  6. new and curious

    welcome Taylor, I hope you enjoy your time in Colorado.
  7. New girl.

    Welcome to the TOB. I am learning this system, so it should be fun. I hope to see you when I visit Las Vegas.