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  1. Mature Greek provider

    Looking for a mature 45+ provider who enjoys ass play. A lady who enjoys rather than allows. Any suggestions? Thanks
  2. Body Type in Review section

    If all escort ads had height weight and RECENT body and face pics as a requirement the number of clients would EXPLOOOOOOOOOD!
  3. Advertisement preference - minimalist or wordy

    The really minimal reviews with no age no weight no current reviews and no photos intrigue me. Normally older heavier ladies Are these ladies throwing hail marys as they move into retirement? Or just advertising availability to previous clients?
  4. Body Type in Review section

    IMHO being straightforward and honest trumps Being polite/kind/generous/understanding in reviews. End of!
  5. Mature jewish provider?

    Any suggestions? Thanks
  6. Economic Indicator - Increase in Rates

    The $400 orange is a better photo
  7. 30/60/90 minutes

    It seems that with most providers rates funnel users to the 60 minute session. With rates for 30/60/90 minutes that are for instance $150/200/300. Seems the 60 minute session is a favorite for both Guys and girls. I wonder why. Any thoughts?
  8. Is it Greek for you?

    I have heard that too much anal can cause medical issues later in life? So how much is too much?
  9. Economic Indicator - Increase in Rates

    I think you are right about the type of provider that can command $500 per hour. I suspect that its just providers who previously worked for agencies deciding to go independent. Personally as a 58 year old guy i only look at providers late 30s and older. At my age 25 seems awful close to 15. Goes for porn as well. To me an old guy and a young woman looks like a pair of predators.
  10. Everytime I travel

    From reviews it seems that a visit is often preceded by chat, emails, research etc.
  11. Bait and switch

    I saw Rheyvenn earlier this year. I just walked as soon as she opened the door. And yet all 5 reviews said pics were accurate. She was much heavier and really flabby not toned at all as in the pics
  12. The "I'm looking for a regular provider" routine...

    Bargaining a fee down? I wonder if that could have impact on the lady's attitude? If it did have an effect i wonder if that effect would be positive or negative? As a freelancer i just love cheap clients!
  13. Does It Matter?

    Any business grows and thrives if it can turn casual browsers into regular customers. So when it comes to growing a business things that only matter to 1 on 10 potential customers - they still matter.
  14. 411 on barbi dahl

    Lots of fantastic reviews. And one pretty bad one. Anypne have any input? Or seen any recent pics anywhere?
  15. The Negative review

    Fwiw i've found mtnman2000 reviews very reliable and fairminded. I understand the predicament very well