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  1. It’s been awhile

    I'v gotten a lot of text's from non members of TOB when I first put my listing first up.. .. who will not screen or even know what screening is asking for things that should not be talked about ,, Just time wasters Just have to weed them out .
  2. Introduction to TOB Forums//Community :)

    Welcome and enjoy the ride...
  3. New to Hobby question

    P411 visiting ads are for 30day's posting , I only tour for 7days or less but my visiting ad is up for 30days to get the pre bookers so some of the gent's might think we are in town when we are not .
  4. The passing of an American icon

    I had the plusher to meet him once at a Pistons game log ago .. MI is very cold in the winter RIP.
  5. Blowing out the Candles

    who makes a wish for each candle you blow out ?
  6. Hello

    Welcome and don't be shy
  7. Tips for First Timer

    I'm always dressed to impressed .. towel around the 38ff's don't stay put very well and I don't like wet hair on me , other tings wet are the best !!
  8. Getting started here

    Welcome to TOB
  9. Dang you all Now I want sweets and i'm not eating Sugar ..
  10. Blowing out the Candles

    I just make sure to get the big numbers candles so you only have to do 1 big puff I wish for bigger boobs lol
  11. Pet peeves

    4: 100%
  12. Happy Birthday Sundance

    Happy Birthday Sexy
  13. Pet peeves

    right it just makes you more of a target ,,
  14. Not sure if posting in correct forum

    Google her info see what pops up
  15. Loving the SoCal Life!

    Hey I'm a Ca. Lady I see some friends here ,, Hey lady Happy 4th ..Damn we are shaking again 6.9 earth quake Hey Ca friend ^ I did , now off to fun sexy gent's, it is getting hot around here. We had all kinds of weather here on Happy Thanksgiving day Rain Wind Snow .. man the snow from my house up on that mountain looks so nice , but they can keep it up there I need heat
  16. Pet peeves

    When someone call's and I ask did you read my Ad and he says no I just look ate the photos and I have to go over screening and get a hang up .. Available Now .. Text with out a interdiction this bugs me the most
  17. Pet peeves

    when I get that text at 2am from a drunk texter , LOL my phone is off every night art 10pm
  18. Thing you say when

    Rocky Mountain High
  19. What just happened?

    I love my birthday , I do a birthday month and that's just for me ,, OP She should waited till she saw you and told you , & maybe you might had given her a tip ..
  20. Happy birthday America

    Happy 4th.
  21. Plans for the 4th of July

    Big day for me ..Lunch with RW friends , Then off to buy a New Washer mine is dead But Ill watch the Fireworks on TV from NY .... I don't like to be out on the 4th
  22. Hello

    I live in Palm Springs Ca. You all don't know what hot is some days in the summer it can be 120 or more .. I spend a lot of time in TX. and I lol at them when they say it's hot at 97 .. Palm Springs is dry heat .. But I'm very Wet ..
  23. Tips for First Timer

    Well I'm learning my way around TOB and loving it so far
  24. New to Hobby question

    Depends if she around or not and maybe how many Okays you have Or if you sent a nice PM ?
  25. A couple of new faces...

    Todoesprivado yes sometime soon