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  1. Question to the ladies regarding showers

    Can we just all shower ? Baby wips There are dude wips I keep them for after the condom comes off to do a fast clean up , then I get a nice warm wash cloth or he can go shower!
  2. New P411 ?

    What a Hot Mess the new look is and how it works .... super slowwwwwwwwwwww
  3. San Jose /Bay area is all about PD .. P411 is not that big in Ca at all
  4. It is SILLY how stuck-up cheap hotels are!

    Ues a Credit Card and you get the deposit back after check out like in a day or so Debit Card can take 5- 7 working days no matter the type of hotel /motel I only stay at large chain hotels .. Most large chain hotels are 50$ a night but I have paid 100 a night
  5. New P411 ?

    I told them the other day a lot a members are not coming back ,after I asked why the Stats page was gone.
  6. New P411 ?

    They told me Part 2 is coming after I asked about why Stats page is gone ..
  7. New P411 ?

    So P411 to reset my act and now messages load up fast .. So just send them a email about the hot mess ..
  8. New P411 ?

    Trying getting your messages to load up ... very slowwwww and your okays are out of date and to when you last gave or recived a okay , dates are out of wack and I heard some guys have more okays then they did before ..
  9. @dando.shaft please don't give up on the real providers we are the best at what we do , To keep men having a happy life ! One thing stay off LC STG .. Maybe try TER- P411 or Eros is your going to look at other sites or just do TOB
  10. I love = frequent flier miles
  11. This One Is Going To Sting

    I think the NS may due to they get all horned up then they relize they don't have the cash to pull it off and just don't show up .. o
  12. Immature Adults these days...

    May be see a mature adult provider next time But I have to agree that's how she rolls ..
  13. Etiquette for meetups

    I always end up with a big bottle of Vodka and can't drink it all by myself ,, but I do love the person who brings it to me But I will share it ...
  14. Go Nuggets 2023

    I'm so happy they won .. I watched about every game Rock the Nuggets
  15. Who's on top??

    Nothing like being on top and you have big tits in his face lol
  16. Best BBBJ in Denver

    Just remember we have teeth .. YES @ Ladies, ever have somebody whose DATY technique made you wish they hadn’t bothered? When they ask did you cum yet and it's been 0.1 min and when you rdon't shave for 2 -3 days and the scurff hust so bad a a bald kitty
  17. Who's on top??

    Nope nope .. it's time your paying for ... we make the rules ...
  18. Who's on top??

    100% If anything... I see guys getting worn out/winded when they are on top, all the time
  19. It’s my birthday!

    Happy Birthday
  20. P411/TOB links broken

    looks to be working now
  21. What are you Streaming Now?

    You Ted lasso Next Sex& Lies
  22. Providers having an "Assistant"

    Assistant is just that = helping with screening and booking Only " and can be a safety buddy as to know who the providers is with and likely they are not around the same area or even in the same city .. lot of assistant's are in other states , Not haggling around or hiding in the bathroom or taking money from the provider .
  23. Eros

    Right any one can be at the door / EROS can't do any thing about it or tob or tryst p411 or any site
  24. Eros

    I always say this .. See what kind of foot print they have online with ph number email or Google Image & Number email Name Not being the same person can happen on any site as we all know ..