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  1. Penis Shot

    I hope this will answer your questions
  2. Penis Shot

    Of course I enjoy other aspects of sex. I was only trying to stay on topic.
  3. Penis Shot

    It works! Having MS and dealing with third-degree burns my function and sensitivity in my equipment is greatly reduced. Even when I tried the oral meds it was a hit or miss a deal and the side effects were unpleasant. I visited my urologist and asked what the options were. He mentioned that I could give myself an injection in the penis before the action started. The results of the injection are almost instantaneous and I can vouch for the fact that you will stay hard for an hour to an hour and a half no matter how many times you :D I would not Recommend this for short appointments, minimum would be one hour and even then you will leave with tent in your pants.
  4. Thanks for the warning............Being handicapped I don't have a choice once on the bed. Yes I do enjoy any and all the motions/pressures/ sensations the lady riding applies! I've even had some great rides while still on my chair
  5. Happy Birthday Lucy Kitten!!

    Happy Birthday Lucy!!
  6. LMAO!! You rock Kashmir
  7. Happy Birthday BigBaldBlk!!!

    I'm a little late but.............. Happy Birthday......I hope you had a BLAST!
  8. So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

    Congratulations! I wish you nothing but the best as you travel into the future. Remember, life is an adventure make it a good one and keep it exciting! Enjoy life, and play often! ak
  9. Favorite Movie about the Biz?

    Dangerous Beauty Risky Business
  10. A word from Jez UaBriain.

    Hey Jez, I have always enjoyed your comments here and also sharing on the couple libations with you over the years. Keep your positive attitude and know that you're in my thoughts and prayers. ak
  11. Old members you miss the most

    +1 Camille Ashe, Sweet Ashley Daisy in Foco, Anjilica Anderson Sexymaid
  12. Recommendation for a fit, older ASP

    Melinda Madison, Mile hi Jasmine are both in great shape and over 40
  13. Hi Guys Newbie TOB

    Welcome, enjoy all the fun!
  14. Brennyn

    She is legit, I seen her several times over the last eight years. Brennyn Simms has 14 reviews on TOB starting in 2013.
  15. Help: Newbie to TOB

    Welcome to the board pretty lady, I'm sure you will get lots of playtime......