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    I read more than I watch, I listen more than I talk.
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    Movies, but most of them suck, so I guess my hobby is heckling the shitty movies.
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    Investment and part-time Rocket Surgeon.
  1. Interesting take on it, but I feel the opposite. Not one of us is a perfect angel. Short of that, lying is something a person chooses to do. If you feel as if you can't talk to someone honestly, your choices are lie, leave, or speak the truth no matter how tough you think it is. Of the three choices, only one makes you a shitty person.
  2. Hmmmmm. I can see why he is lonely.

    Here's me and my famous friends.... Besides saying "who is that?" to most of the famous people, (I did see Chris Duarte in the Springs a few times).... I'd google them, but the photos are the same types of photos every loser has of their "friendships" with the quasi-famous. Anyone want to see my famous friend? She is Christopher Lee's daughter. Anyone? Let's face it. If you have to resort to making a website to facilitate your search for a girlfriend, you've peed in your drinking water way too much.
  3. Tagline...."Like older men"

    and here's an excellent example....