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  1. I don't write fake reviews. And you will not be able to book through P411 very soon, as P411 is returning to a verification only site. I hardly remember you from ASPD, but archive.org has archived the less than stellar reviews posted on aspd.net from years ago (and the good reviews you got, to be fair). Did the ASPD moderators protect you from criticism then--they were known to do so for others, too.
  2. P411

    The owner of P411 posted at Eccie not long ago that she was moving toward retirement. That might answer the question as to why no new members are welcome.
  3. Laci, have you ever gotten a bad review, or a fake review? Or just a review from someone that got tired of your trolling for a response in your effort to draw attention to yourself? I've ignored you like the other self-entitled ladies at this site, hoping you'd get bored and get back to your business. The mods here provide a very cushy space to protect their friends, that's obvious. BUT... With P411 going to verification only, and probably TOB closing before long because of FOSTA, I'd say you should stop trolling me because ultimately I am a customer and you are a provider, and possible more than a few customers see your posts and get an unfavorable impression of you. The top-ladies anywhere mind their own business, and don't attract drama. Ponder that.
  4. Why? And where will we find the ladies after ALL the rest have closed in early 2019? Threat of civil lawsuits. The boards that closed so far (like Eccie) or that ban USA access (like TER), or that sold to a foreign owner (like TNA)--these three boards combined have only 6 owners (Eccie has 4 owners, TER and TNA one each). Six people against the US-DOJ, the FBI, and state and local authorities. And little known--Sen. Warren's banking bill--which will REQUIRE banks to close all accounts associated with the HOBBY. So, the question is--how long will the owner of TOB keep ladies' profiles and reviews on this site? LEO knows what's up, and FOSTA has STRIPPED AWAY CDA protections. How long before the kind owner of TOB, enjoying life in Germany, realizes TOB isn't worth it? Just as ALL other board owners have done, or are about to do.
  5. Lol... not best or most beautiful in Denver... just look at all the talent on P4, or at Shotgun Willies? Surely your just WKing for a discount.
  6. Eccie?

    Then quit trolling om the eccoe thread. Keep on topic or go away.
  7. Eccie?

    You were there when Diamond John was dead? Were you there when Diamond John was alive? Let me google your reviews on the E, lets see what the menu was. Were you one of the Amazing Escorts working for John? Back when they had a sweet deal with Amber?
  8. Eccie?

    Megan, are you revieed yet on the Monkey? I review there now. A mod told you in April not to troll me. Go make some money. This is an eccie thread youre not welcome here unless you have anything about eccie to say.
  9. Eccie?

    Ive been lurking at TOB since it opened. P411 used to have an ad here and thats when I noticed. TOB was good then... now its kinda lame. Not a hooker board... more like a snowflake blizzard.
  10. Eccie?

    Still looking, one of his parties was raided in Dec. 2009? Right when Amber died and 2 weeks before aspd closed... right? https://www.khou.com/mobile/article/news/houston-cops-crash-christmas-party-for-hookers-johns/285-342599462
  11. Eccie?

    Why still looking?
  12. #MeToo? Not Me!

    I agree with the OP. Enough of #metoo. And their tyranny.
  13. Eccie?

    You wont find friends on this small time local board. They think they are special here... but they just have special needs. Msg me for a link to a TX site... they get very angry when you mention other sites at TOB.... the smallest board in the USA
  14. Denver: What Happened?

    Hard for liberals to face the truth thru all their virtue signalling. More proof. TX and CA.. jumping off point for the uneducated illegal immigtant now making their way to Colorado. When I lived in Vail in the 1970s, Minturn and Redcliff were all Latino communities. White west coast elites drove them out. Their gone now.
  15. Denver: What Happened?

    Wrong. 25% of illegal immigrants are on govt. Assistance. California, a Republican, comservative state in the 1960s, went democriter after the immigrants flooded in and started voting. Proof you are wrong? Here you go.