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  1. TOB Members Don't Be Assholes to Providers

    Have people always been this mean? Seems like people are meaner since the pandemic or I was blind to it all and something opened my eyes the last two years.
  2. What is your Zodiac Sign ?

    I find this interesting topic. As Capricorn, I am not a ultimate worker bee. I am not ambitious. I am organized and practical. Not close to goal-oriented
  3. Hello everyone

    Yeah I have done some CBT but it is has been a slow road. Also a scary road, it is not easy to face ones own fears. I need to get back into it. I didn't stick with it long enough. I had some progress and figured "hey I am all better now!" then I had a setback which really kicked my ass. I do know no meds will "cure" me but they do lower my anxiety enough that is makes it a tad easier to think a little more rationally when my mind is in full blown irrational mode. One of the more frustrating things about this is like right now while sitting here with no anxiety I know my fears and thoughts I have when I am having a panic attack will never harm me. My worst fears will not come true. Yet when I get in a situation or one of my random out of the blue panic attacks it is like everything I just said and all the things I have learned via CBT get thrown out the window. When doing exposure therapy this is where it gets hard for me to stick with it. Fear is such a powerful emotion! I believe it was Dr. Claire Weekes that said "Peace is through fear, not around it." which has really stuck with me over the years. Easier said than done though. I do appreciate you taking the time to write that post. I do want to figure this out. I want to start living life again. Part of living life again is why I am on this site. I want to get back to the me that could jump in a car and drive down to Denver for the heck of it.
  4. Hello everyone

    Yeah I figured outcall will be the best and probably only option. I am willing to pay extra for the added convenience for myself. Figured with being new outcall will be a bit harder to find. I will have to research and research some more Thanks! If I ever figure out this anxiety stuff I plan on many many road trips. I take klonopin daily to keep my sanity still pretty much stuck in my town. Last summer I had to go the ER for emergency surgery. Shot of Ativan in the ass and still had panic attacks. I am on the more extreme side with 'Agoraphobia'
  5. Hello everyone

    New to the site and new to the hobby. Been lurking and reading as much as possible. I figured it was time to stop lurking. I am up in Northern Colorado. I suffer from some pretty debilitating anxiety which makes getting down to Denver pretty much impossible. Heck even Ft. Collins is pretty much impossible. With being new and no references does that mean I am pretty much out of luck? Even if I am out of luck I will probably still stick around. Seems like a pretty active board.