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  1. Is it worth it?

    I should add that’s once you feel that love again, or maybe it was or is the first time you’ve felt it… you have to think about that other person now and everything you do will effect that person as well. Makes it harder I know that much
  2. Is it worth it?

    Maybe I can chime in here… in the last few months I started dating a man whom was my client as well. Hell for the last 10 years I was single, but for the last 2 years I watched the industry do a complete 360 I love the fact he supports me in whatever my decision is about this kind of work. I think for some, we invest a lot of our hearts into this. I have a real job now and yes the money is so different but the feeling I get when someone reaches out to me and says you were so nice to me and made me feel so comfortable, I like making people feel special and happy and being different then the scammers and other people out there. I always felt that we need more patience in this industry because it has to be so very intimidating to try to click with one lady, not to mention how attractive a lot of the ladies are. I can’t imagine how it feels on that side, I know how exciting it is to know I am doing something that is very dangerous, yet thrilling in so many ways. I think I will forever have that itch… once you try it, it’s something that you want to feel again and again. I mean who doesn’t want to feel pleasure, excitement, nervous and scared all at once ?!! All of us crazy people do, I don’t think there is much out there that can be all those things at the same time I will always want to go back and start again, now want and actually do are 2 different things… but I think if you loved it as much as I did… it will be as good as you will allow it to be!
  3. Just trying to help

    Ladies I have some info on a gent I was just trying to relay some helpful information and he threatened a bad review… It amazes me that this is how grateful one gets when I was being nice lol
  4. No luck anymore!

    I believe it’s like that for all of us, since Covid the games are at an all time high, the time wasters just laugh and are so inconsiderate, the disrespect, I asked someone where they saw my post and they responded… the internet, stupid!! I am just disgusted more often than not and of course the scams. It’s as if while everybody was on unemployment, it made so many want to be super lazy and just screw people out of money and there’s a lot of people that are still honest and don’t want to screw people out of money or don’t want to be in the same category as those other people. Unfortunately I think this is the way it’s going to be for a while because how can we put a stop to all of it? Its sad and it’s stressful and it’s very tiring for all of us. Sorry that you are going through it as well, fingers crossed some thing changes and soon!!!
  5. I don’t think I’ve ever received a notification that I have a private message although I do have it set to notify me. I thought it just didn’t happen lol but yes I notice things you are describing as well.
  6. Mon chalet and pts

    I used to work at pts and other clubs they owned as a bartender… IMO shotguns is and always will be the best stripclub in Denver but that’s just my opinion.
  7. Providers having an "Assistant"

    I personally could never have an “assistant”. Part of my screening is how I vibe with a person and how comfortable I feel talking with them and how comfortable I would feel being around them. I could not meet up with a guy I have never even held a conversation with, it would just not be comfortable. I would definitely feel like I was acting or really pretending to feel a connection if I did it that way. Being that 2 people have truly not met yet can be a crazy good time or I would think it would be more of a “transaction” feeling because it truly would be as distant as you can get at the very beginning
  8. An educational article written about TOB

    Wow this shows how many people in the real world are so oblivious to the real definition of a provider and that this is a CHOICE that we all make. There isn’t one comment about the real friendships and connections. Atleast she saw that our community does help eachother but she fails to see in more ways than one. I do wish people would open their minds to things like what we do and realize nobody is forcing us to do this, it just so happens most of us love what we do
  9. Covered Requests

    Personally I wish more would request it! It makes me very happy when they do 😃
  10. Guys and Gals

    I think y’all think we all do this for the money but if you want to know why I do this… it’s so awesome when you meet a stranger and you have that chemistry and the time you had together is like you were meant to meet up or something. There have been times where I just sat back afterwards and thought who knew meeting someone and connecting in that way was possible without knowing much about them. I think you guys don’t realize that most of us girls decide to do this because we love sex about as much as you do, the money … that’s just a bonus 💋
  11. Review Denied

    I believe if you are new to TOB or have no references, you must get a reference from the lady you are trying to review. I could be wrong but I think it’s to make sure you have in fact seen her, sort of a security thing as many do threaten to leave bad reviews if we do not see them, or if they get blacklisted etc. I’m sure you could reach out to the moderators or the whisperer and they will give you the info as my info is just what I assume but if it is a negative review and the experience was bad, not sure how you would get the reference 🤷🏼‍♀️
  12. Roleplay?

    The problem I have is most do want to roleplay something like step mom and son or something of that nature and while I recognize everyone has fantasies and I never want to make somebody feel bad or awkward for their fantasy but most that I run into, I don’t feel comfortable doing …atleast right off hand. Some things take awhile to come to an agreement on what context each one is ok with. I’m the type of person that the more I see someone, the more comfortable I get and more things can be brought into the session. I understand guys like variety, which I think we all do (that’s probably one reason we do this) but sometimes frequenting one lady you like has a lot more benefits than most realize 😀
  13. Anyone else here been screwed with nonstop lately?

    👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼What she said and for the love of god if you want to have some fun, show some respect. I had a few “friends” last minute cancel and just play games with appointments. It’s like nobody cares that this is how we survive. I’m tired of my survival being in the hands of such POS people that they can’t simply think about what they might feel like had someone done it to them. Put yourself in our shoes and seriously man up because it’s so disturbing that this is how you treat us. I think every girl is going through the same bullshit so it’s not us guys. Take a look at who you are and maybe try treating people just a bit like you would want to be treated because I know some if you would never put up with someone doing this to you so stop doing it to us !! I’m lucky to have finally found another job but it took me a long time and I’ve never been more ready to get out then I am right now. I did love this job but there is only so much one person can take before they just can’t do it anymore. I have gotten to that point and I truly loved the people I met but lately even some of those guys are just complete assholes.. There is nothing to love about this job right now. It’s so sad to say that but it’s true 😒I fear the hobby won’t be around much longer the way it’s going right now. Or you guys will be left with slim pickings because the beauty and brains will all have moved on . Get it together guys we do not deserve such disrespect. We put a lot on the line just as you but it’s our bodies too and our time .
  14. Something for everyone I found this online so I think it’s safe to say…. There’s really no excuse why everyone can’t do this all the time ! I just wanted to put this out there so people that may be a little scared or worried about privacy (get a PO Box) or something that makes them not want to go get checked…there’s no excuse. I even have the number of a service that comes to your home and does a physical std check there, so there’s no reason why we all can’t be tested. Xoxo just alittle info I wanted to share because I care about our community being safe . Hope everyone is enjoying our first snow. Stay warm and healthy 😘
  15. What is she doing in there?

    I do want to chime in about this because I do this all the time… most men want it now or asap these days so I will give myself less time to get ready because they will move on if you cannot be ready quick enough or so I have noticed. So I am always trying to be miss available and ready when most times I’m not ready yet so I try to rush and then the minute I book that appointment my phone starts to become very busy and more reach out to me. It’s just the way it goes just like my phone will be quiet until I leave the house then it starts blowing up. Kind of like when you finally wash your car and then it snows. I can’t speak for everyone but it’s just something I’ve noticed in the years I’ve been doing this. 😕 If I get ready early, nothing seems to happen… it’s just the way it goes
  16. TOB vs. TNA - the men & the admins.

    I do hear it quite often ha, ha.. I do believe that Eyes can tell you quite a bit about somebody and as @Kali Sensual Reiki said they are a window to a persons soul. Sometimes when a Gentleman will reach out to me and send a selfie, if he has sunglasses on I refuse to see him unless he sends one with his sunglasses off…I want to see those eyes it is very true !!
  17. TOB vs. TNA - the men & the admins.

    You guys are giving them way too much credit they’re just hazel eyes😜

    Damn, I honestly thought we were in the clear so far 😞 these people need to get a life . Not sure why they want our profiles… If you’re going to hack something, hack into peoples bank accounts not a profile. Can someone help me understand what is the reason behind it? Why do they want our profiles?
  19. TOB vs. TNA - the men & the admins.

    I have noticed on other boards, I get those spam texts and links to prove I am real or sometimes they get really creative . I must say I am grateful that I never get that when I post on TOB . I feel that they have a bit more knowledge or ways to secure the site and for that I feel much safer.
  20. What's Your Perspective?

    I saw another thread for this post later on didn't mean to get anyone worked up. It seems it was all covered on the other thread . My fault
  21. What's Your Perspective?

    And looking at the title I think she is trying to see what one would get from her post it's kinda clever if you think about it. Sometimes we need to think outside the box,. Ever heard that saying ?
  22. What's Your Perspective?

    I do understand that she is talking about donations in the first example, and that we as providers don't need to lower our donation because someone chooses to see us and thinks he should only have to donate a certain amount because other girls do. And the 2nd part is when clients don't show and the reason behind deposits as it's a growing issue everywhere in this industry because unfortunately there is a new era of stupidity suddenly and many who do not respect our time or see this as a means to provide for most of us. Many look at it as an extracurricular activity so when they cancel or don't show they do not realize the huge impact it has on our lives. If I was to get something out of her post... that is what I would get from it but maybe I'm wrong ... my Spidey senses tell me I'm pretty close to what she is explaining,. Just a hunch. 😜🙄😬
  23. Pic from the old days

    Very awesome to hear some history. Thank you for sharing
  24. Pic from the old days

    Wow, wish they would just leave us alone. That's crazy. You really do learn something new everyday lol. I had no idea!
  25. Pic from the old days

    So wait, I'm confused did they used to do a license for prostitution or is this just for fun? If it's real and they used to do it, why the hell did they stop?