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  1. Advice

    Even though I'm very outgoing, I can be a little shy when visiting new places (Hello extroverted introverts!) , but so far everyone I've met in Denver- including the people at the grocery store, are so very polite! It was a shock to walk out to the car this morning and be hit with all that powdery snow! lol In Seattle, our snow is very wet- like a 7-11 slurpee. Is the event going through the weekend?
  2. I am so very grateful to have found TOB in the nick of time- as many of tha ladies have already said- this is a very scary and uncertain time for us. thank you to all of the clients and fellow providers who have been checking in on one another and helping to keep our community safe! We will survive- how? Because we have always survived. The hypocrites in power are passing laws that make it harder for THEM to get their kicks too.
  3. Switterland Luck?

    I have! I've based entire tours around my twitter clients. I swear on all my strongest orgasms- twitter is THE PLACE to be. Why? 1: There is no regional boards to sign up for. once you have an account you're good. 2: You can chat with everyone from everywhere 3. It's the best of a forum and an advertising site bc you can post an ad whenever you want. Drawbacks: you can't pay to have your post "stickied" to an area. It takes some time and finesse to build a clientele and a fanbase. (THIS IS WORK.) Hope this helps! Remember to have fun! Add me if you need a new friend! @LionBabe2
  4. im new here

    Hello! *waves* I'm Brand new to TOB! Learning a new board is always so intimidating!
  5. I would also love to know the answer to this
  6. Advice

    Thank you Bad Boy! I'll keep my eyes out for the paper. It sounds similar to one we have here called The Stranger.
  7. Advice

  8. Advice

    Thanks for the kind welcome, and all of the suggestions!
  9. Advice

    OOOOH That sounds JUST UP MY ALLEY! Once life slows down a bit and I'm not traveling so much, I'd love to take up burlesque performing here in Seattle. I have several friends who perform. Naughty Pierre haha sounds perfect for a birthday celebration!
  10. Advice

    Hello and greetings TOB! My name is Ophelia from Seattle. I'm looking for suggestions for things to do and places to go while I'm in town! Thanks for all of your help in advance!