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  1. If i were a wman, I would .

    Doesn't seem far off. I think my personal best was around 18 in one night. My girlfriend though, I left her alone one night when I went to visit family and she she turned on the Houston 500 gangbang and told me she rubbed out at least 23 O's in about 8 hours. I believe it, too, because by the time I got home she was passed out in bed, covered in lube, and I was tripping over dildos strewn across the floor. So yeah, 30 in a weekend seems reasonable.
  2. Same old scam

    And PS... Just because it irks me to no end having read that email you posted... Two of my best online clients are LE. Apparently cops like to jerk off, too! Who'd have thunk it? Pay before you play to prove you're not LE... ridiculous!
  3. Same old scam

    Its stuff like this that makes me crazy. What you posted here seems like some sort of scam to generate clients for a webcam studio, and probably not attached to a real performer. Bait and switch schemes just make legitimate webcam performers look bad. I happen to be a provider and a webcam performer, and because of stuff like this, it makes it hard for girls like me to sound legitimate in our advertising. I don't think there's anything wrong with advertising that you perform live on cam, and letting potential clients know this so they can check you out before they book an appointment with you. To me, it seems like that should be a big bonus for most guys. They get to look before they book. The service I use allows members to sign up and chat with me or remain anonymous and chat, but I don't usually get to see free chat. I wouldn't use it as a means of verification though, because anyone can sign up for free. Even if they are a paid member, what's to say they aren't LE? That part just doesn't make sense. Anyway, not all providers are webcam models and not all webcam models are providers, but the ones who are both(like me) shouldn't be considered bad or scammers just because some douche is fishing for members to their site.
  4. Laplace, thanks for trying to make amends. I agree with the guy who said your opinion should not be bullied, so I hope you're not posting this just to appease the masses. If you really want answers, I'm happy to provide. The girls who work as providers are doing a job. They provide a service, and the ones who actually put effort into making sure their clients are happy deserve to be paid more, not less, for their attention to detail and customer service skills. When you suggest they are ripping people off and laughing all the way to the bank by not offering discounts, its offensive. Who in their right mind works harder just to be rewarded with less money? As far as people getting special treatment, that's a complicated question to answer. I'm the Vampire Victoria; When a client shows up and wants to talk to me about vampires, roleplay with me, genuinely enjoys spending time with me and has a great time in our session, I look forward to seeing them again. Some clients tell me how awesome I am and make me feel special, and tell me what a good time they've had, and I can tell, so I enjoy spending time with them. All of my regulars are great, or they don't become regulars. The only people I've ever dumped as clients have insisted I give them a discount or extra time, at my own expense. That's never fun to deal with. On the other hand, I've had good regulars who have called me up for an hour and I stayed all night because I was having a great time and I didn't have another appointment scheduled. I've had regulars who were having a rough time financially and just wanted to hang so I let them decide what they could afford. I've seen clients who lived far away because their car was broken down, and I didn't charge a traveling fee or raise my rates. Those are the things you should expect from your ATF, not a flat discount. And even those things shouldn't ever be asked for. Extras and special treatment are bonuses, like tips and gifts. No one should expect them, but when you get them, you should appreciate them for what they are.
  5. The OP really seems to miss the point to the arrangement between clients and providers. No one is in this business as a provider just to make friends. If a client is seeing a provider on a regular basis, it is because the client enjoys seeing the provider. Why should the provider be paid less for doing a good job and keeping her clients happy? Where is the incentive for continuing to provide excellent customer service? Do you go to fancy restaurants and expect to pay less because you go there often? If you like a waitress's service and ask to sit in her section all the time, do you stop tipping her because she seems to genuinely like serving your meals? A good client does not (nor does he need to) ask for a discount. Like any service based industry, good customers are hard to find and when a provider does find a regular client she enjoys, they get taken care of very well. If you are not finding an ATF who treats you well, the problem isn't with the provider. If the OP's post is any indication of his personality, I can see why.
  6. The real name.

    Sorry for posting about this again, but I think you have PMs turned off. I have searched for screening methods here. There are hundreds of results, and I can't seem to find any threads with specific information about how to screen someone without getting some information from them. In fact, all the threads I've read say being too soft on screening is stupid and dangerous for all parties. Anyone can feel free to PM me if they have some method of verifying someone without them giving me their info. That would be pretty awesome. Heck, just post the method here. Why does it need to be a secret? It would pretty much put this thread to rest.
  7. The real name.

    Like I said before, if they have some way to be screened, then a full name is moot. However, each provider is different and has access to different methods of screening. I suppose the bottom line is, if the client doesn't have some way of making the provider feel comfortable, and the provider wants too much information, then it isn't a good fit. True. Maybe you didn't get my sarcasm. Unless you're a member of Anonymous or a genius level hacker though, I don't think anyone would be able to do the things I mentioned(ie hacking into a spy satellite and the FBI database). If you could, then you could also make your bank account as big as you wanted. The OP was asking how guys felt about giving their last names, and then someone asked why providers would ever need to ask for last names. I think what you say here is the best possible response. Some ladies do, and some don't. There are plenty of reasonable reasons why girls ask though, just like there are plenty of reasons why some guys won't give. Personally, I ask because it makes me feel safer. Maybe I think I'm trustworthy, but I know the random guy may not feel the same. IMHO if they can give me some way to screen them that doesn't involve giving me their last name, I'm just as happy. The point becomes, ultimately, if you're unwilling to submit to a provider's chosen method of screening, simply have some alternate suggestion that she can use. If she's reasonable, and your alternative suggestion is feasible, then this roadblock is easily overcome.
  8. The real name.

    To elaborate on what I said before: If you have some method to prove to me you're ok, like p411, datecheck, multiple references who know you as El Barto or whatever pseudonym you use, great. As long as I can attach that name to an email, phone number, or address and all the references check out, great. If someone doesn't have any of that, then they need to put up their full name plus some other information. Sure, I guess you could run an IP check, hack into a global communication satelite and track someone's cell phone number and use advanced FBI Facial Recognition Software on their GPS coordinates and run them through a criminal / public database to make sure they're ok. Or use one of the 1000 other methods of somehow verifying who someone is without them giving you any information about themselves. But I'm guessing any provider who could do all that wouldn't be working as a provider. The easiest and safest way to verify someone who isn't on p411 or doesn't use some other verification service is to get their full name. I understand some guys will never want to give up their full name. If you're a guy and you want to see a provider but you don't want to give out your full name or any alternate way to verify you, you've got a lot more to worry about if you do find someone who will see you with no information.
  9. The real name.

    If you or the provider is not a member of p411, or you don't have verifiable and reliable references, or you don't have some other means of trusted verification, your last name could be used to help make sure you are who you say you are. Simply put, giving your last name and some basic information to a provider is less harmless than giving that information to a store clerk when you purchase something with a credit card. Even showing your ID to a provider is safer than showing it to buy cigarettes or beer; at least you know she's not scanning it or photographing it . The provider isn't asking for your name to stalk or blackmail you; she's asking you so she can verify your identity and make sure it is safe to meet with you. Contrary to popular belief among reluctant and inexperienced hobbyists, most reputable providers won't see you unless they can verify who you are. What you should really be asking yourself is, why wouldn't a provider need my last name? Any provider who doesn't care about verifying her clients is either a cop, working with a cop, a scam artist, or so indiscriminate that you shouldn't want to see her because something has to be wrong with her.
  10. The line between fun and business

    I've always wanted to go to Hawaii, but traveling with other people can be stressful and difficult. If I was going somewhere, like Hawaii, for the first time with a client, it would be work. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't even do it if I didn't know the person and I wasn't comfortable with them. So even though I'm imagining someone I have a lot of fun with and who's company I enjoy, I'm still away from my family, my friends, my business and the comfort of my house in a situation where I am not fully in control. Its not like I booked the trip, decided who I wanted to take, and made all the arrangements. When I get there I'm not going to be able to do whatever I want, whenever I want, with whoever I want, however I want. Even if I'm left with free time, I still have to plan my schedule around someone else, and frankly I wouldn't feel good about running off and ignoring the person I came with just because they wanted me to think of this as a vacation, not a job. The amount of time I'm left to my own devices doesn't really matter, because I'm still away from my home, family and friends. Everything I do is going to cost me money somehow. Either I'm buying touristy crap, spending money to entertain myself, or just sitting around doing nothing when I could be otherwise working. So even though I might be having fun on my own, it isn't real vacation fun. Now with all that considered, I still believe expenses should be considered. If someone else is paying for everything(travel, lodging, food, entertainment), then I'd expect a flat fee based on how many days(including traveling time) we'd be together.
  11. For some of you young providers

    I can't figure out if this is sarcastic or not. As an ASP, it boggles my mind to think anyone in this business isn't compassionate and respectful. If you're in this business just for the money and you don't care about what you do, how can you be successful? To me, being an ASP requires you to be compassionate, respectful, empathic, intuitive, polite, and friendly. Based on the number of people complaining about ASPs, it seems like a lot of you are seeing the wrong girls. Any girl that can't carry on a conversation or make a client feel good about them self shouldn't be in this hobby.
  12. To add a bit to what I said before... In my personal experience, I always post ads saying not to text me. If someone does text me, it is a very clear indicator to me that they cannot follow even the most simple of instructions. This bothers me on many different levels. I'm a very social person, which is likely why I'm good at my job. I enjoy talking to people, and I really feel bad for ignoring texts. So, the more unsolicited texts I get, the worse I feel. I don't want to feel bad because some people don't pay attention. The work phone I use charges me for every text I read. Thus the secondary reason why I find random texts to be so annoying. On the chance I'm waiting for someone I asked to text me some instructions, there is the possibility I might get a random text and then I'm paying for someone's misuse of my time. So in general, I have bad feelings about texting. If someone takes it personal, that makes me sad, but I'm always happy to get email. I do like to keep in touch, I just don't want to pay for it or be burdened by it.
  13. So here's my take on texting... I do not accept txts from people I do not know. They get automatically deleted. Don't send them, because I don't read them. As far as I'm concerned, unsolicited text messages are worse than junk mail. On the other hand, if I have made an appointment with you, and you ask to text me your address, I welcome it. Once I give you permission to text me though, don't send me pointless messages. Send me what I need and be done. After an appointment, don't text me again. I'm still not going to read it unless I was expecting it. If you want to say something, thank me, book another appointment, or make sure I'm still alive or whatever else people were talking about, email me! That's what email is for. Basically, my general feelings about this business is that texting is for important necessary information and email is for everything else. I boogle sometimes at the fact some BP ads mention text only, no calls. To me, that just seems extremely fishy.
  14. I never said hello...

    Thanks all. And I'm glad you like my fangs! Oh and about garlic... no BS, I am totally allergic. Go figure, huh?
  15. I never said hello...

    I've been on the board for a few months since I heard someone posted a question about me, and after addressing it I just started posting. It occurred to me though that I never introduced myself or said hello. So, hi everyone! I'm very glad to be here on this board and thanks to everyone who has been nice to me. I look forward to talking with more of you. I'm relatively new as a provider in this hobby, so thanks as well for taking it easy on me when I make mistakes. Also, thanks for having me here. Everyone who runs the board has been super awesome. This is a great place to get information and meet people. Bites & Kisses, The Vampire Victoria