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  1. as much as I like them, I'll take a great sexy ass anytime over big boobs
  2. Old members you miss the most

    +1,000 on Sexmaid
  3. Nuru

    Well worth it if can do it <snip>
  4. Nuru

    +1 She is Awesome
  5. Who is on your fuckit list?

    Personal Trainer & RachelBordeaux
  6. Who's backside would fit

    +1 hmmm
  7. Who is on your fuckit list?

    +1 LMFAO
  8. Who is on your fuckit list?

    flight attendant Justina
  9. Help w adding pics to my albums

    Hope this means you'll be paying us a visit soon
  10. Happy Birthday Velvet Valentine!

    Happy Birthday Beautiful
  11. Ft Collins

    I can only tell you it's too far north
  12. New To Denver

    Welcome to TOB and Colorado Beautiful
  13. <3 Happy Birthday Geecue2

    Happy Birthday
  14. Been while since I was here!

    Hello Gorgeous, would be much better if you would visit