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    I came into this world with nothing and over the years have managed to hold on to most of it
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    baseball, apple pie, and chevies
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    nuttin' honey
  1. confess only to the man in black - with the white collar lol
  2. Weight loss pics

    perhaps posting your progress would help keep you on track??? anyhow, congrats on your initiative!!
  3. Escort taxes for dummies?!

    . . . . and don't get caught up in a Taxpayer Compliance Measurement Program (TCMP). audit and have a life style that exceeds your reported earnings
  4. 411 Sarah / Alex

    believe she has pre-blonde reviews under sarah 5955
  5. lets do and say we didnt
  6. Backpage spinner?

    it's like an update to the Rorschach inkblot test
  7. Walmart - who knew?

    price match at the register
  8. Knowledge about the CLIT!

    this work s/b nominated fur the Noble Piece prize!
  9. Bait and switch

    just type "lakewood" in the search fucntion at the top of this sub forum page
  10. Innie or Outie?

    bottom line - only one per belly pls
  11. "Masters of Sex"

    nutting like a vibrating Hog to do da trick lol
  12. Just get here early on lol
  13. "Masters of Sex"

    i'm wondering if the depiction is it basically historically correct?