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  1. Providers asking for deposit

    Right... that was hot 🔥.
  2. Blacklist

    OMG... I usually don’t say much, but this was hilarious. You ladies and gents make my day. Go bold, get mad, ALL CAPS!
  3. How your mood effects your day.

    No way! It’s probably more typical than you think. I for one enjoy blowing off some steam (in a good way of course lol) after a crazy day at work.
  4. How your mood effects your day.

    OMG.. that’s hilarious! Thanks for the good laugh!
  5. How your mood effects your day.

    Thank you 😊. It’s nice to hear a perspective from the other side. Just going off the PMs, it seems like as long as all parties are having a good time it’s nice for everyone. Just trying to navigate the new changes.
  6. How your mood effects your day.

    Hello lovelies... I hope you all are enjoying another beautiful day in the hobby. Something that’s been on my mind... Ladies and gents... do you find your mood affects the way you play in the hobby? For example, if you’re feeling great and looking for a fun day do you find it easier to connect? Does the session seem more sensual or affectionate? Or, if it’s one of those days when you just need to blow off some steam, are you more naughty? Take more risks - with safety always in mind of course? I feel like these moods cater to the vibe of the encounter. However, it also left me wondering if it’s what was expected. Other than maybe changing up your website to fit your mood, how do you ladies display information with ad text? There’s only so much time in the day to chitchat the details. Many thanks in advance! 😘