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  1. Hello. I'm based in Minneapolis, may travel to Denver . However , I am unable to make a post in Denver. When I choose post a new list. The only location available to me is Minneapolis. Same as when I tried edit my current list. The only city in the list there is Minneapolis, How can I post a listing in Denver?? Thank You
  2. hello all I’m in Minneapolis . This is my first posting in the TOB i wonder of there is a way to post ad or listing in Tob now ? After the government shutdown all the website in the states the listing is not working anmore. I’m still new to this site . thanks
  3. Why only CO provider listing allowed ?

    Hey. All I"m still new and finger things out I'm Chinese located in MN. The TOB use to allowed provider listing themselves in every states now only CO provider can be listing. Is that correct?