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  1. Moves your soul.

    Love Danielle Nicole Band, especially live. This is an older version of one of her songs.
  2. Heads Up Ladies! Hotels July 4th Week

    I know that at least pre-pandemic, there was always a big softball tournament that lasted a week surrounding the 4th. And last I heard, it sounded like it was always growing, and teams from all over the country were here, with games scattered throughout many parts of the metro area. I don’t follow it, but I suspect those got shut down for a year or two, due to Covid, and maybe they are starting up again?? I remember restaurants were always on wait lists then too.
  3. Happy Birthday Audrey Astor

    Happy Birthday!
  4. Happy Birthday Madison Star

    Good for you!! Keep on enjoying!
  5. Happy Birthday Madison Star

    Happy Belated Birthday Madi!!
  6. I agree. I have had a few completely not respond when you try to reach out via their own website contact method. I have also waited a bit and tried again. I did have one respond saying they never got the request. It’s frustrating, but just have to move on.
  7. Good info. I definitely look into trying harder at this. Thank you for sharing!
  8. Guess Who Has a Birthday Today?!?!

    Happy Belated Birthday Samantha!!
  9. Funny Holiday Shows/Movies

    Plans, Trains and Automobiles
  10. Total hip?

    Good luck!! I’m sure it will be fine. I hear hips are way easier than knee replacements....just stick to the program and you will be back before you know it. Be sure to report progress here!
  11. Total hip?

    I have actually had both done. I followed the rehab and PT programs and after my first one, I was back subbing on my bowling team in 7 weeks. I also did some casual bike rides too. They did the anterior method and was told, the limitations were much less restricting than the other. Best thing I ever did!! I am hearing some actually do it as an out patient procedure. They went to surgery in the AM and post surgery/recovery, once they were able to pee, they were released, and was home by dinner. Good luck!
  12. Question for the Gents

    Here are some thoughts. Some that have websites can clearly specify the best way to contact, or use a contact form. With those initially I have no idea whether that person is replying direct or some sort of admin. So in that case it would not be an issue using an admin. For those that don’t have a website there are times there aren’t always clear guidelines on Contact protocol. So again I guess the only way to know is if you get a text back with questions and later have a different number to use when actually communicating on the ”day of” for directions or arrival contact. But I do also see the point of being able to chat a bit prior to a meeting to see if there may or may not be a connection. Now if we called and had to go through a call tree like a help desk that might be another story! LOL!!!! It would be kinda funny actually. Select 1 if you want 30 min, select 2 for 60, select 0 if you are LE! LOL
  13. Generic fails

    I can’t say I have tried that drink, but I did see some show a while back and they were talking about Costco’s Kirkland brand. Apparently Costco has contracted with certain manufacturers to make like or better than products from a given manufacturer. Like their jeans I think they said are made for them by Levi’s. I think they said their Vodka is made by either Grey Goose or Patron. This was a few years ago, so who knows if this is still true. So if you see it on sale might be worth a try??
  14. Location, Location, Location

    I had something similar happen not long ago. Politely intro’d myself and asked what she needed from me to schedule some time. After a couple days I got a response with only a phone number. I called the number and got voicemail. Not exactly sure what to do I just left a generic message saying I was trying to reach “xxxx” and to please call back. I had noticed the number was slightly different than her ad, but was trying to follow as instructions. Waited another day and did not hear back so I tried again, and did get a female picking up. She just said I had the wrong number. I Did get another confirmation to call that same number too. At that point I took the hint and gave up. A simple not interested would have been nice, and saved a lot of time.
  15. Your First.....

    I am relatively new to the hobby. I do remember my first date. Met her through here. I was beyond nervous, but she put me at ease, and had a great time. So much so, that I had to schedule a repeat visit shortly after. I have seen a couple others, but always return to her. I feel we have a good chemistry when we meet, so I continue to return as much as possible!