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  1. The "I'm looking for a regular provider" routine...

    I'm happy to answer most general questions... it's not the NATURE of the questions so much as the VOLUME of the questions.
  2. Why is it that when guys tell you they're interested in seeing a regular provider, they turn into intake administrators who need to ask some questions for your file? Seriously, guys, if you want a regular type of thing, [snip} Don't drill me with a million questions. Amirite??
  3. Gals -trend in 1/2 hr vs full hr appointments?

    I personally do NOT like doing half hours - I tried that a few times when I had access to an incall location MONTHS ago, since all I had to do was hang out at the house and wait, I thought it would be easy and fun.... but I didn't like the "rushed" feeling and if I wanted to spend more time with him, I felt pressured on principle to require more money, and it seemed very wham bam and disconnected. I'm all about the connection and passion, so the half hour thing just doesn't work for me. I'm not trying to be greedy or not help a feller out, but it's just that I need to make sure I'm happy and comfortable when I do my job and I'd rather get to know a guy for a few minutes!! You'd be surprised how close you can feel to someone even after just a few minutes of chatting!
  4. Tagline...."Like older men"

    Wow, that has been the opposite of my experience; the guys I meet are most often young - usually between 20s and 35 - for some reason, and they all act great, like they're on their very first date and want to impress me; very sweet, and very eager to learn from someone with experience!! I love it!!
  5. Is it Greek for you?

    LOL true enough, why waste my fantastic "hoo-ha"! However, I've found myself craving it after a long, long time of not having any at all with ANYONE - but I think it's something I will probably slowly open myself up to, and probably with a regular I love and trust
  6. Looking to Date a Hobby Girl!

    Lots of guys feel that way about our line of work... I'd have to say, though, that if I was going to date anyone, they'd have to be 100% supportive of the industry and ideologically on the same page with me about it, i.e. the fact that our services are INVALUABLE and ESSENTIAL to society, and that my job is a beautiful one that makes me able to reach people and connect with them on a deeper level than you can do at ANY other conceivable job - and that's VERY important... also someone who regularly supports the industry, proof that they support providers and the work they do. I've had a few phone calls from guys who want to go on "dates" but don't want to see me professionally because "they don't pay for it" - they somehow don't realize how insulting that really is.
  7. Is it rude to ask...

    I don't usually smoke but I do it once in a while, especially if my date does, so I'd want to know - all you'd have to say is, "Hey, I just wanted to make sure you don't smoke, bc it bothers me and I don't like the smell," and I'd make sure I smelled good (if I had, for some reason, smoked a cigarette that day) or I'd make sure NOT to smoke that day! I think most providers would do this, and it's definitely on you to say something; we're not psychic, but ask and I'm sure you will receive!!
  8. Happy Birthday ! JRWolfe !!! ;-D!!

    Happy Birthday!! I think I remember your name from back in the day; didn't we do a video with my group of girls together once?
  9. Gents, who's your ATF? Ladies, who's your favorite hobbyist?

    My favorite is this boy who gets me for a few hours and makes me steak dinner and we watch 80s movies. Just awesome and super talented and uninhibited too I bought him a Playstation 3 on his birthday! XOXO Disco Moon
  10. Meetup Events?

    Does anyone hold events for providers and hobbyists to meet one another anymore? If someone wanted to initiate one, how would one go about doing it?
  11. I freaking love it!! In fact, that's 50% of what I'm there for: to be PLEASED!!
  12. LOL Nahh, I just mean get organized. Talk to one another, be supportive, not try to lowball one another with super duper specials and maintain a decent price level. On [other sites], everyone seems to be fairly consistent with pricing and I think that makes the girls look good while providing customers a reasonable level of expectation regarding pricing and service. Professionalism and support of one another. Can I get an AMEN?
  13. "After Porn Ends"

    Damn, people. Women DO age. And so do the fellas. And that's ok.
  14. Um, no need to fall apart at the seams, bro. It IS like any other business, and yeah, sometimes the girls sell themselves short, that is a fact.