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  1. Newbie love

    Am I the only one that this kinda makes me wanna see her more now.
  2. BP Fort Collins Shania

    I saw over a year ago as well. I never returned. Very cold and business like
  3. Personally I don't mind the fake AS long as it is well played. For example it needs to be ten minutes into and during a particularity hot moment where it is fairly clear that the lady is already genuinely enjoying her time. If done well enough were I can't tell, then I feel great about myself and we both win. If however, and this has happened to me, that it gets faked thirty seconds into DATY and it's obvious that it is a thinly hidden way of saying let's get on so you get yours and leave... If that's the case, I won't return. So, for me it's all in the context. I get that you may be having adult time for the third time today and there comes a point where it may be fun as hell, but getting over the top might be out of the cards. Just my opinion
  4. Doesn't take a lot of balls to be a dad

    For the first time in my life not ashamed of my small balls. Btw it's ok to lie to me and tell me they are big:)
  5. Yikes, it appears so. I really should proofread
  6. Wow. Just wow.

    I think I'll offer a big sack of nickels and see what happens
  7. Second on Omaha. Used to live there and often the travelers were so busy, I couldn't get in. Use eccie to advertise
  8. Nebraska?

    Eccie is the local site... This coming from a former resident of Omaha
  9. Just moved out here from Iowa. Prostitution is a felony there for the ladies so much less online presence can be seen. But what you find is on eccie
  10. When I was younger my rule was to only date a girl that will through a lamp at you when she is angry... Cause just imagine what she will do when she is happy Then I got married to a girl who calmly says what she feels when she is angry. I guess that's why I'm here