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  1. If you are not FS why not post in bodyrubs

    Lets be honest it is a scam You post in Escort Section You don't take any kind of question about services and threatened to hang up if questions are asked A guy assumes "hey she posted in escort section and her tits are on full display in her add she mentions special "fetish" rate probably just really safe and it is FS Then he gets a hand job and a pat on the back At the least it is disingenuous
  2. If you are not FS why not post in bodyrubs

    I am the original poster, and I was referring to backpage which has an escort section and a body rubs section. Busty Scorpio was pissed someone asked her what services she provides, she then went on to say she is never FS so I just wondered if you are never FS why post in Escort since 99% of men rationally assume (save the ass of you and me quips) escort is synonymous with full service It is a reasonable question and the response by Scorpio of "I can post where I want" seems petulant. You can't be a professional if when asked to justify a classification if you upset
  3. I am just curious why women that are not FS post in the escort section, doesn't escort mean FS or am I terribly mistaken