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  1. Best Cities To Tour

    DC, Seattle and Austin it is! Thanks Ya'll J
  2. Best Cities To Tour

    KC and Austin are a given since I lived in both cities before I moved here in November. I used to drive everywhere but I am pretty sure I am over that now. Ha
  3. Best Cities To Tour

    Why thank you. You are so sweet.
  4. Best Cities To Tour

    In August I plan on flying to one city each week. Any suggestions on which cities are the best for girls like me? J
  5. Found this online

    Some people will already know this. There are some States that have already mobilised to pass this legislation. But for everyone else who hasn't heard Their next move is to illegalise the Act of Paid Sex. Some are putting it down as "services of trafficking" and whatever BS they can use. WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU: Please Go & Find Out What Bills are coming up in your area. Get anyone and everyone you can to partition against it. If you wish to read more Google "Report on commercial sexual exploitation in Pennsylvania spring 2017 PDF" Then look up looking forward. Or read the other documents on the website....Yes it is planned for all states, not just Pennsylania. This is just to give you a heads up and hopefully give you time to rally against the Bill in your area. I know there are a few either about to or currently happening, so please check what is going on in your area. ASAP. Is this real??? J
  6. SESTA / FOSTA to be signed Wednesday

    Anyone know what the ACLU is doing if anything. A friend of mine in Austin said this is also effecting his gaming company. Stand up for our freedom of speech.