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  1. Walmart - who knew?

    Well u need to live in the springs I've seen several of the girls running around here A few have admitted yea that was her its great
  2. Drivers For Independents

    No no u guys got it all wrong A real pimp doesn't go with his hoe anywhere they are in the strip club spending the girls money on the next girl seriously thou I knew a pimp in Houston tx had 10 hoes got them all out of the strip club he has two full time drivers that live at the house with the girls why he is off livin the good life. Just because the drive a hoe from a to b don't mean they are a pimp it means they want to be a pimp. Come on girl if u had a brain u could get around independent means u relay on no one.
  3. 411 on Harmony or Amanda

    I knew a provider once that had seven phones one with her real pics and all the rest fake pics as long as she made a couple hundred of each phone she was set. She said around 1400 a day is good for her. She also told me that 95% of the hobby world doesnt go by reviews they go off the picture and the girls attitude.backpage I found only has a bad reputation here in colorado
  4. International Day of No Prostitution

    I would think this would bring more biz because what is the first thing u go do when your told not to do something? U go do it.
  5. Local Boards in Miami

    In south beach on ocean blvd u can find some high class girls working the street.
  6. Is it Greek for you?

    Its the best I've never had a loose one yet like the other side where u feel might need to strap a board to your a$$ so u won't fall in
  7. Ever have one of those weeks

    That suck my word is my everything.if I say ima do I have to live up to that.I means whats wrong these their minds they don't like regulars.
  8. Hi sexy ladies of the other board

    Hi ladies I am new to the springs but not new to escorts I love them I am never getting married so I hobby. And with that said.I need to find one lady that I can see whenever I come into town I work in Texas in the oil industry so I am outa town every 3 months for three months at a time getting two weeks vacation every three months. Even thou I am gone that much I still would like to find one lady to spend my money on.All I need is one and I don't really want to try everyone until I find her I have aready tried that and the few girls I have seen are not very good here in the springs.So I'm asking the ladies of the other board if any of them are interested without going threw the whole members list if u would be interested please pm me I will travel to Denver for a nice piece of @$$