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  1. 411 on Kara Doll

    I don't know what to tell you. She's still the best in my book. Sorry for your experience.
  2. Ladies I recently scheduled a duo session but have not heard back in weeks so will assume those girls have flaked. I will be visiting Sin City from 6/10 late in the evening (arriving at 11pm) and leaving the morning of 6/12. I'm looking to schedule a duo session with two ladies who are actually into one another. I do have some requests for this session so please read through my post and let me know if you can meet these requests. And remember this is a fantasy so it might not all be possible but never hurts to put an ISO post up. Nothing is a deal breaker but I'd be bummed. Ki will be staying on the strip in the Luxor so we can meet there or your place which ever is more comfortable to you. Age 18-29 I prefer petite in size but at least one of the girls to be a D cup or better I prefer Caucasian and/or Asian for this particular session (not required) One lady dressed in a dominant fashion (not dominatrix but an aggressively sexy outfit) One lady dressed as a schoolgirl or a more "demure" style. Submissive Makeup done entirely (as if in a porn or photo shoot) Stiletto heel knee high or thigh high boots (shoes are not a deal breaker) GFE and/or PSE session Please PM me with your duo partners name, links to your ads or site and the rate for a session of this type for 1-2 hours. Can't wait to hear from you ladies.
  3. Many Thanks Kaduk. It May Still Be Her But I'm Not Ready To TOFTT this Trip
  4. 411 on Kara Doll

    I've seen Kara on multiple occasions when she is visiting Portland. Yes... she can sometimes be difficult to schedule with and is not the most organized of ladies at times when it comes to scheduling. But she is still genuine, passionate, and a huge geek in the best sense. Certainly hold her accountable if she flakes on you but give her an opportunity to make it up to you. <snip>
  5. Sheri's Ranch

    I fully intended to try out one of the brothels. Most likely Sheri's ranch or Moonlight but after researching its just to damn expensive for less intimate encounters than you can get in town or back home.
  6. Greetings fellow hobbiests. First of all while new to this board I've been around. You can find my reviews on TER,, and I'm visiting las Vegas from the 10-12 of June and have already arranged some fun but I am looking to make it a marathon of entertainment as I only get to do something like is once in a blue moon. I saw Callisity's ad on and was hoping someone has seen her and can give the all clear. Feel free to pm me or email me. Also I keep reading about kprincess and some other places similar. All Asian? What's the best location to go to near the strip? I'm planning to stay at the Luxor. Below is Callisitys ad link.