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  1. Most of you know im retiring this month and I just wanted to say hello one last time;)
  2. Happy Birthday To Me

    Time to Party, be nawty & Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im 27 now o boy!
  3. has the board become less civil?

    My Advice is take everything with a grain of salt if you understand
  4. update

    yes this chat is pretty cool, we just need more people to use it @ all times lol
  5. Why Doesn't Anyone

    Rap Took it down, Didn't want to deal with it anymore. Or so I heard
  6. Why Doesn't Anyone

    Use Boomer chat? I know it is not the same a raps chat but still a place to mingle! I do miss my morning & lunch time time chats with all my TOB friends:( Im sure this has been asked but dont wanna hijack anyone
  7. Hi everyone!

    Welcome & Have Fun Kisses and Licks;)
  8. I'm new to this board!

    welcome and be safe
  9. New to the hobby and new to the boards

    Welcome & Be safe & Happy Hunting
  10. Hi

    Welcome Happy Hunting & Stay Safe
  11. New to TOB greetings! :)

    Welcome & Be safe:p
  12. I'm back

    Welcome back & Happy hunting:D
  13. Hello everyone.

    Welcome & Happy Hunting:D
  14. Welcome National Western Stock Show

    Just wanted to welcome all those cowboys to Denver.... Happy Hunting
  15. Is it Greek for you?

    Anal Eaze......Works wonderful and helps ease the pain