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  1. Survey says...How long have they been married? Sad for newlyweds, a marathon for some of us.
  2. 411 on Bobbie Jo

    BP ... Nuff said
  3. Very good thinking. If an ATF becomes part of your day to day life, it is just a matter of time until your life goes to hell and takes your checkbook with it. I try to keep in simple and not ruin a good thing.
  4. Cum for the Camera

    Digital photos have a habit of finding their way into places where you would not want them. Not worth the risk.
  5. When the thrill is gone...

    Thanks for the feedback. Pitbull, your comment hits close to home. In my early days I fell into the trap of a "real" relationship with an ATF. It lasted too long before I learned what "real" really meant. It was very expensive, painful and why I avoid repeating with someone when I might feel a connection. Maybe it is too many "unfulfilling exchanges". Food for thought. Some distance might help
  6. When the thrill is gone...

    After several years, I seem to have lost some interest in the "hobby", lately. No particular reason. No bad experiences or anything. It is just not ringing my bell like it used to. I have met some incredible ladies, so that is not the reason. I am sure somebody will try to put this through the hobby translator and I might find that useful. I am not sure of what I will do, instead, but I am thinking of doing something to cheat death on a daily basis, just to get the blood running, again. This is not another thread about what you would do instead. I am more interested if other guys have gone through this and what did you do when the thrill was not there.
  7. I don't have titties, or I would never leave the house! I am fond of Binkies, Chi Chi's and Justina's tits. Perfect description for me.
  8. What brightens your day?

    A smile from a stranger. Finding money on the sidewalk A loving text from my SO Seeing another sunset and hoping for another sunrise.
  9. ...

    You get a pass from your recent injuries.
  10. Stop being so damn negative!

    The anonymity of a keyboard creates paper tigers. Civility is becoming a lost art. We are all sojourners on a common quest. Mutual respect and compassion will guide us. None among us has all the answers...and fewer still, know all the questions. Embrace life, live in the moment and rejoice. I only wish I could live by that...but it is my goal.
  11. Is there any one thing....

    Finding an SO who wants to share more than my checkbook.
  12. not what you expected

    Don't use Backpage after a horrible experience a year or so ago. Pic's were great. Girl was not. Very unpleasant experience, including her pimp. Never again.
  13. Busted by SO?

    It was like a country western song. Lost my house, lost my truck, lost my dog. It was a bad time. Good hunting dogs are hard to find. There aren't any security tips. There is always something that could trip you up. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime.
  14. Weird Website!

    I have a hunch this is not about do gooders. It is about money. Somebody gets on the list, there is a fee to get off the list. Probably have people on staff to go through Facebook and "anonymously" report johns. Scum!
  15. - I think the ceiling needs painting. - Is this going to take long? I want to watch Leno. - I need my sweat socks. My feet are cold.